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Fla to Durango Co


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Our summer trip this year is taking us to Durango Co. I would love some suggestions on things to do and see that are not in all of the travel guides.

We are planning on swing up through Arkansas and driving route 66 thru Ok,Tx and NM do any of you guys have a favorite stop or photo op? Is route 66 "Big rig friendly"?

Thanks for all of your ideas. This group has made our last several trips extra special. 


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Of course ride the train to Silverton.  Also there is some pretty areas around Silverton you could drive to.  Just beyond Silverton is Ouray and the water fall just before town is a must see.  If you are into off road the trails in the area are nearly endless.  Beautiful area.

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We've spent a  few summers in nearby Silverton, boondocking.  We've also stayed at Haviland Lake national forest campground near Durango.  It's an absolutely beautiful area to explore, especially if you do any off-roading.  You could also rent a Jeep or take a Jeep tour to get yourself off the main drag.

We've never done the train but from reading it's best to take the train up to Silverton and take the bus back. Otherwise, it's a very long, slow day.

I think if you Google the different small towns you'll get suggestions of what to do in the areas.

I've read that some even drive from Durango up to Silverton then to Telluride and down to Cortez and back to Silverton in one day.  That would be a long day.  We've toured all those places individually.

Silverton has an excellent July 4 parade and fireworks but then you'd have to drive down the mountain at night after the fireworks.  The parade is worth the day drive.

Pagosa Springs is another favorite area and soaking in the clean hot springs overlooking the river and town is a nice way to spend a few hours.  Pack a small cooler which you can take in with you and move from one small pool to another finding your perfect water temperature.  We like to go early morning before it gets crowded.

Mesa Verde Nat'l Park and other Indian ruins are in the area of Cortez.

Have fun!  It's a favorite place of ours.

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2 hours ago, solo318 said:

We are towing the jeep and thinking of doing the mining roads.  We also grabbed a site at the campground that the train runs through. (I'm a huge steam train nut)


Looking at your picture, I see your Jeep. Years ago when I lived in the area I did have a Jeep Wagoner that was to wide for at else one road. Also the Wagoner having an automatic transmission, it was better to run some roads one direction.


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