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This is what I got. F550 Super Duty. Lots of questions


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2012 F550 Super Duty.

It's closest to C class so will post it here. Although it's a bit of a Super-C if you will.

Where do I get a spare tire? It did not come with one. The size is 225-70-19.5

The tires (at least front) are Roadone. Is that a good brand or something cheap and if so, what's the best I can upgrade to? I really don't want my front tire to fail.

What kind of jack do I need to jack it up? I have a bottle jack rated for trucks but not sure it will lift this one. What's the rating I am looking for, how many tons?

what is the rear differential ratio?

My mirrors rattle badly, especially the right one.  There is rattle coming from the right door (the push bottom door), in the area above, maybe from the motor, or something is loose there. The wheel is not vibrating, neither is the dash or the chair.

What size is the current gas tank? 35 or 40 gallons?

Who makes an extended 50 gallon tank? There appears to be lots of room mount a second tank. I would like that switch where it switches from one tank to another. While at it, I would like a much larger aftermarket gas gauge, what they have is just ridiculous, a tiny thing the size of the half dollar.









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I have a F550 and my rear end is a 4:88. I travel about 62-65 mph and it seems happy there.

Using a bottle jack you will also need some Pieces of 2x10's cut to use for blocking as most bottle jacks will not go up high enough.

I only use tires made in the USA for truck, trailer and Jeep. After all that's what between your life and the road. Don't cheap out there, it's your life at stake,

My truck came with the factory mount 35-40 gallon fuel tank and was fitted for a Transfer Flow system, another fuel tank 35-40 gallon and a separate gauge that mounts on the dash that shows how much fuel in each tank and system also  pumps fuel from one tank to the other to keep them equal on gallons.  The factory fuel gauge on dash when reads half full means that both tanks are half full.

Hope this helps, have fun with the conversion.

2006 Elite Suite 36TK3
2001 F-550 Starhauler

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I'm not sure how Ford is rating their truck but Class 4 is defined as 19,000 lbs GVW and a Class 5 is 26,000. so the F550 would be 26,000, so is some parts special to improve ride Tires, Springs) or is it based on length of cargo.

Does the truck have an hour meter?


Clay & Marcie Too old to play in the snow

Diesel pusher and previously 2 FW and small Class C

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