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Coastie 73 new to forum

Coastie 73

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Hi everyone,

Tom here, USCG 1973-77, USCGR 1977 to 85

Alameda CA Boot Camp, Engineman A School, CGAS Barbers Point Air Station Hi, TAD Time LorSta Johnston Atol (Sand Island), USCGC Mariposa 180 ft BouyTender(WLB-397) Then to Omaha NE for Reserve time in Boating Safety and then ATON.

Just retired and doing full time RVing. From NW Wis, Currently exploring in the Alamo TX area. Just me, my Grey Wolf Toy Hauler and My Honda foreman 500.

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Welcome to the military forums here! We have retirees and vets here that are interested in mutual support. USAF 27 years active retiree here: Basic Lackland AFB TX - Jan 1971, Medical Technician Tech school Shepherd AFB TX 1971. Barksdale AFB Louisiana Medic and scrub tech. Jan 1975 Small Arms Marksmanship Training Unit Tech school then 1975- Dec 1978 Lackland AFB TX Marksmanship instructor Basic trainees and base personnel. Dec 1978-December 981 Combat Arms Instructor, Associate Air Officer Commanding Eagle 6 Cadet squadron,  Also taught BS 330 and MS 415 and SOA Combat Arms manager, 1981-September 1986 break in active duty for full time college LSUS where I was also a counselor, and served active reserve time and reserve time, as a Medical lab technologist including the year long tech school 11th CHS Combat reserve Hospital, July 1984-December 1984 Phase one Medical Laboratory Technology tech school Shepard AFB TX, December 1984-July 1985 Phase 2 Med Lab Tech School Keesler AFB MS. 1985-September 1986 Med Lab Tech 11CHS Barksdale AFB LA. September 1986- December 1989 CATM (Combat Arms Training and Maintenance) Manager Barksdale AFB LA. Jan 1990-December 1996 Combat Arms Manager Spangdahlem AB Germany. Jan 1997 Combat Arms Manager Medina Base Range complex Lackland AFB TX retirement tour and relieved of duty for terminal leave and transition to move into our RV for seven years of retirement traveling full time 1997-2003. Official retirement date1 Feb 1998 during terminal leave traveling.

We were both brats and her folks were getting on in years so we came off the road and bought a place in NW Louisiana to be close and care for them. I lived in five states (Dad Brit National but USAF active duty) before we moved to Colombia S.A for two years where I had to go to school in Spanish which I'd never spoken before. They go to first grade at 6. Stamford CT 1959-Jan 1971 when rather than be drafted I ran across the country and had a warrant out for me for draft dodging. They found me in Texas attending USAF Basic training. 😂🤣😉

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