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inverter dc cable size question

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The Growatt 10k unit I researching states battery cable size is 2*1 awg? Are they saying use 2 cables at 1 awg instead of a larger single cable?   https://ginverter.com/upload/file/contents/2020/09/5f63033fb11f1.pdf       It is on page 7 in the manual. Tried to do a screenshot but couldn't figure that out. Also in reading USA codes only allowed to parrell 1/0 awg up wire.  Undoubtedly not so in China. 

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Glenn FYI here is a wiring size chart for 12 24 and 48 Volt DC systems:

Wire Sizing Chart for 12V, 24V & 48V DC Systems | DIY Solar Resources (altestore.com)

Here are several other wire size charts, take your pick lol

 dc cable ampacity chart - Bing images

AFTER you determine the ampacity, next compute line voltage drop (current, wire size and distance) 

Here is a voltage drop calculator Voltage Drop Calculator

While I prefer single conductors, if you already have a bunch of 2/0 and can per code use two parallel conductors (390 Amp rated and even if OVERkill for 300 Amps) I have no problem with that.

I prefer OVERKILL to reduce line voltage drop versus operating near the edge (IE a bit more line voltage drop) but that's just me. 

 John T



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I just don't know what is meant by 2*1 but will guess its two No 1's in parallel ??? Regardless if you already have plenty of 2/0 as I already said I see no problem in using two of those in parallel even if that's overkill. Go for it

John T


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