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Parker Racor R90P filter


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20 minutes ago, Darryl&Rita said:

It's a paper filter. What kind of problems are you expecting?

I'm not sure. Just want to know if there is any problems with this style of filter. Just trying to be prepared. It looks like the boating industry uses this style of filter for their diesel engines.

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22 hours ago, Darryl&Rita said:

I'd expect the boat crowd to have more issues with water in their fuel than the RV crowd. We check the tanks yearly, unless fuel issues pop up.

ETA: Are you having fuel issues? Have you checked the bottom of your tanks?

The truck is not having any fuel issues. I can look down into the fuel tanks and see the bottom of the tanks. I always try to treat the fuel in the truck. One of the reason for the questions is because most people that I know that has a semi have a webasto fuel filter.

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Gotcha. There's multiple different ways to filter fuel on an old highway truck. Most are effective, or they wouldn't be still sold. The Davco (not Webasto) filter you see mentioned here so often is one type. It's a combination filter, with particulate and water being separated. Combination filters are also available in the spin on cartridge format, as seen on all the Big 3's HD pickups. The filter you asked about is strictly for water separation, but it will filter out larger insects and even small trees. Seriously, it's a 30 micron media, which is rather large, compared to a typical fuel filter. A FS1000, recommended by Cummins for our N14, is rated at 10 micron. Filters for newer engines are even finer. The newer injection systems require cleaner fuel.  Having said that, N14's are notorious for injector issues, and I can't help but wonder if finer filters would have helped.

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