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Charging house and chassis batteries / How often to disconnect from shore power

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Hello Everyone…

I have a 2003 Ford F-53 RV

I usually stay hooked up to shore power for 6 months, then leave the RV in storage for the other 6 months … So after 3 years of this schedule the  chassis battery died even though I was hooked up for months , and now the deep cycle batteries are leaking .. (I did replace the starting battery )



What are my options in this case to increase the longevity of both the starting and house batteries? (Since the charging system is built in) disconnect from the shore power for few minutes every day? For few hours every week?  Should I remove the negative terminal from the starting battery even when hooked to shore power? If so then how often?

Take into consideration that my fridge and microwave work only when connected to shore power… I do not know much about how electric systems work so that is why I ask all these details to make sure I get it right

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The first step is to check the chargers. If they're not "smart", they'll just keep pushing excess charge into the batteries until they're fried. A "smart charger" will taper off and stop charging as it detects the batteries achieve full charge. I suspect that's what happened to your batteries. A premium smart charger can help your batteries last a long time. I had a boat battery on a smart charger that still worked after 20 plus years. Jay

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My reply  disappeared; here is the main point.

Check your lead acid battery charging rate, the recommended charging rate is 10% of total battery capacity. Suppose you have 1 chassis battery and 2 coach batteries, each with a 100A capacity, 300A X 10% = 30A.

Higher charge rates may result in boiling away the electrolyte and shortened battery life. In extreme cases warped plates may occur, which results in shorting out the cell.

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