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Class C RV value HELP


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Hello, I have been searching for an RV for my wife and I the past month or so. Came across a nice 2001 Jayco Eagle M-241 M Widebody Class C RV here in Tucson that is being sold via private party on Facebook Marketplace. It has 31k miles on it and doesn't seem to have any huge upgrades besides what the RV comes with minus a new flooring. My question is, what is the fair price for one of those? The seller has it listed for 27k! Does that seem fair? I ask because I used the NADA Guide to help me and its off by about 20k. Give or take a little if you take the new flooring into account and the low mileage. I can't seem to figure out the FVM (fair market value) for this particular RV. The RV is in good shape from the pictures and I'd like to potentially pursue it and buy it but I feel as if the asking price is high. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You may want to do some shopping to compare prices but it would appear that the one you are looking at is way overpriced. Keep in mind that it is 20 years old and so you can expect to have maintenance expenses that you would not with a much newer RV. Most appliances have a useful life of about 15 years under average use. It will probably need tires as RV tires should be replaced if over 7 years of age, so check the date code on each tire. You could well be looking at another $2000 for tires. In addition, I did some searching for advertisements of similar RVs and the Eagles ranged in price from $5700 to a high of $14,000. The average was about $7500.

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Thank you for your response. I had a feeling it was over priced. I've done some shopping around but not many RVs here in Tucson that are comparable to that one I mentioned, but I'll keep looking. As for the tires, the gentleman selling the RV indicates they are new and they do look new from the pictures. And from the pictures I've seen on the interior of it, it looks like it has been hardly used so I would hope the appliances are still good to use for a bit longer. But thank you for the information, it was very helpful! 

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Every tire sold in the USA is required to have a code impressed into it that states the week and year that it was manufactured. A tire can still look good, but if more than 5 - 7 years oldit is probably a blowout just waiting to happen. Blown tires have been known to do thousands of dollars of damage to an RV if they blowout at highway speeds.



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