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accountant recommendations for freelance full-timers


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Hi everyone!  I am new to the forum but have been an Escapee for 2+ years.

I wanted to know if anyone has an accountant they can recommend to us? My husband and I are full-time nomads. Our income is unusual and comes from several sources.

We are both freelance artists. I sell products online and do freelance digital art. My husband teaches workshops, writes freelance, and is a freelance photographer as well.  We also make money on Youtube. We have been told that we can expense more things than we currently are expensing because filming and sharing our travels is part of our income. It is all very confusing to me and I would love to hire an accountant who has worked with RVers and/or Youtubers' finances.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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2 hours ago, rollingvistas said:

We have been told that we can expense more things than we currently are expensing because filming and sharing our travels is part of our income.

Welcome to the forums! You are wise to get professional help as we are all run through the IRS computer and travel expenses is one of those watched issues. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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Your profile says you are a So Dakota resident. Even tho SD doesn’t have a State income tax you still must file and pay Fed tax. I would look for someone in SD to do your Fed returns. I would also recommend using a CPA or EA rather than H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt, both ok for most W-2 income but not as good with self employed working from home on the road schedule C income. 

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Look for someone who is licensed. (CPA or EA). You wouldn't go to a doctor or attorney who was not licensed.

The big chains have many franchise locations. (I was one for 18 years). The key is a good owner/practitioner.

Block is nice because they have offices in every state, a great website, and stringent continuing education requirements. But you need to pick an experienced, licensed preparer (not all will be).

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As an aside, licensure is VOLUNTARY at the federal level ( to prepare paid tax returns). Some states (Oregon) have state licensing requirements. (Most do not).

A paid tax preparer is required to obtain a "PTIN" (ID # from IRS) and SIGN the return. Never accept a paid preparer return that is not signed by the preparer and contains a valid PTIN.

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Hi there

I know it’s an old post. But hopefully it will help someone else in the same situation.

If you have another residence that you  call tax home, then some of your travel expenses could be deducted as business travel expenses. If your RV is your only residence, then you are out of luck. You can read up on it here.

You can’t really take business use of home deduction when living in an RV. There is such a thing as exclusivity test, and courts took a position that RVs are small lodging units that do not allow use spaces exclusively.

You can still deduct your regular business expenses: supplies, computers, half of internet and phone bills. 



I help RVers and digital nomads with their taxes.



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