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Verizon Visible Ghost Phone

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Does anyone have the Visible Ghost phone and do you like it?   Can you turn off mobile data feature when you want to and use only wifi for web surfing?  I can now do this with my Nokia 2.3 smartphone, however I must exchange phones and use their Ghost phone if I switch over from AT&T prepaid.  Will VZ in store people help you make the switch to Visible ???    Thanks all.

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Just a word of caution about Visible.  Like every low-cost, prepaid plan it varies greatly by location and time of day.  At my home location it is pretty poor.

What may be of more significance for some people is that the latency (ping time) is rather high (hundreds of msec) because of something about how Visible's network is configured.  This could be a problem with real time games, etc.  I also think it tended to mess up my load balancing router.

I had Visible for ~6 months and finally gave it up.  I have two other unlimited connections (neither of which is currently available) and I'm backing them up with an extra phone line I added to my postpaid Verizon account for <$25/mo.  I'm using an iPhone on this line and, if I have to, I can stream YouTube TV (and more) using a Lightning to HDMI adapter which gets around the 15GB hotspot limit on that line.

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