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Dometic refrigerator quit working

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I have a 2016 dometic DM2652 refrigerator that all of the sudden completely quit working on both gas and electric. I have checked the breaker, all the fuses and even replaced the on/gas automatic switch on the front of the refrigerator. I had an RV tech come out and check it out also and checked the same things. We could find no issues, yet The refrigerator won’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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First of all, welcome to the Escapee forums! Sorry to hear of your problems but we will do our best to help you. 

First let me suggest that you get a copy of the service manual from Bryant RV Service to use. Then I have a couple of questions that should help to narrow things down.

1) Does the refrigerator have any display indications or the interior light when the door is open? It must have 12V power available for anything to show on the control panel and to get the light inside if you open the door. If there is no power I would then get a meter and start to check, starting at the 12V power connection. The 120V power has no function at all unless you have 12V, and even then it only replaces the propane supply as all controls work on 12V electricity.

2) Did the RV tech do any checking with a multimeter, and if so what did he check and where did he check it? Did he give any clue of what he has done?

3) If you find that you do have 12V power to the refrigerator, the manual suggests these items.


DC Volts



 Upper Circuit Board

Lower Circuit Board

There are things one can check but we need some information to ge farther. If you do have an interior light, then we move to different possibilities.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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You FIRST need 12 Volts present at the DC input terminal bock and if not, of course, you check fuses and the circuit from the DC distribution panel out to the fridge including all breakers and fuses etc...There can also be fuses on the control circuit board. Surely the RV tech determined if a good solid 12 volts was present or not ???? If so and its fuses were good then follow the manual and you may be looking at the control circuit board and I have seen issues with the interior eyebrow panel. Hard to troubleshoot over the net.....


 John T

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