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New Horizons No Longer Building TT's


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When I picked up my 2021 New Horizons Majestic 36 ft. TT,  Bryan informed me that mine was the last TT that they were going to build. They are going to be concentrating on only producing quality 5th wheel trailers from now on. I do understand their position as the demand for a large full timer TT is miniscule and to produce a different framework slows down their production.  However,  everything else is identical to the high quality 5ers that they produce. I would have thought that they could have sold more of them, however, they are expensive and you do need a larger capacity truck to tow them than an equal size 5er. Of course, with an HDT, it doesn't matter.  I just need my truck bed for my fishing equipment. I will be attending the 2020 National HDT Rally in Hutchinson, Kansas with my 2017 New Horizons Majestic 33 ft. TT which I just listed in the Escapees Classifieds and I am looking forward to seeing you all again.


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3 hours ago, richardbetsey said:

Is the picture the new one? Or is it the 2017?

Great seeing you at the NHOG Rally in September. Looking forward to seeing the inside of the new one.

The video is of the 2017 which I am going to be trying to sell. It is at NH right now getting everything "shipshape". I'm heading back to NH next week to pick it up and will be bringing it to the National HDT rally. If I don't sell it at the rally I will be bringing it back to Jensen Beach, Florida via Destin, Florida. My 2021 is here in Destin and I will be moving it down to Jensen Beach after the rally also. You are more than welcome to stop by and check it out in any of the locations. BTW, the paint jobs are the same on both as well as the floor plans. The 2021 is 3 ft. Longer and 2,500 lbs. heavier.


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2 hours ago, GlennWest said:

I was wondering why you didn't put an aquahot system in your unit. With the diesel generator and fuel tank looks like a perfect compliment. Could do away with propane. 

I thought about it, however, I had read  a few times about them needing a lot of maintenance.  Since I already had an RV refrigerator, combo water heater, and furnace that all use LP I decided to put in the 100 lb. LP tank like the Motorhomes use. I really like it as I no longer have to deal with the 40 lb. Bottle tanks. I'm averaging getting that tank filled once a year. I do try and avoid places that are cold enough to have to run the furnace and my electric fireplace does a real good job for the chilly times.



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