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Passenger and Driver Shades stuck in place


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We had opened the sun-blocking driver and passenger shades in our front window. When we pulled in to the next campground, we tried to roll them back up, but neither switch (driver side or passenger side) would work. Now the shades are stuck open. We feel like this is a fuse, but where is the fuse? It's not in the back closet with the other fuses.

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It could be a relay that cllcks off after you hit the end of the cycle but they normally reset themselves within a minute, My rear stabilizers are like that. My relay is right behind the rocker switch for stabilizers on the saame panel. I can hear it but not see it. Make sure your key is on and listen for a click when you activate the switch

Jim Spence

2000 Dodge 3500 1 ton QC 4x4 dually 5.9 diesel LB

BD exhaust brake, 6 spd manual trans

34CKTS Cedar Creek 5er, Trail-Air hitch

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  You need to call the manufacturer of the shades. They should help you reprogram the shades. If that is needed.

  If you look up at the outside of the shade very carefully you may find a small switch. Do not push it until you understand how and what it does.

 Some times the motors go bad. But you really need to talk to the manufacturer. I have worked on those shades several years ago. 

  Also those switches I think can be removed. You may find just the wires tucked up out of the way, even under the window trim. I have found that occasionally the customer seen the switch laying somewhere in a drawer. Once they threw them away.



   Vern in a T-shirt 

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