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Registering a vhicle when out of State

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We had to replace our tow car and are currently out of State and will not be back in Texas till sometime in 2021.

We are Full Timers and having difficulty in finding a way to resister on line  our replacement tow car?  We have our insurance coverage on the replacement tow vehicle so that is all covered but how can we register the car in Texas now till we come back and can then follow through with the complete registration inspection and title transfer?

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If you are escapees using the mail forwarding service it is easy.  If you are from somewhere else in the state it may or may not be easy.  If "from"  Polk County, Tx. contact the Tax assessor/collector and ask for the vehicle resgistration people.  Ask them what to do and follow their instructions. You will have to mail or fedex or Ups some paperwork to them and provide some prepaid return envelope for them to use.  It should work the same way for any other county but Polk county is so experienced with this they make it easy.  You may need to stay at your current location until the Tags and papserwork come back to you.  In the past they would send it to you wherever you are but now they may have to send it to your mail forwarding and have them send it to you. Ask them about this.  You will have to send a paper stating that the vehicle is located outside of Tx for. inspection purposes and for a check you need a copy of your drivers license and your insurance.  A lot of this stuff is running longer now because of Covid so be prepared for that.

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Thank you for the responses and will do. I was looking for the online way as that is how I remember doing it with our first tow car and being out of Texas at the time back in 2015.

We have a glitch this time as the seller signed in the wrong place as the buyers on their title and they are now out n the road so have been communicating and trying to get this issue resolved so the DMV can accept the Title transfer. I thought there was a way we did it back in 2015 when getting a two car out of state that allowed us to register it and then when we crossed back into Texas stop at an inspection station with the properly signed  title and then all went well and we got it all squared away, Cant seem to find that online so will call as suggested. Just one who hates talking on the phone due to hearing aids but that is a personal problem LOL

Yes we are full timers and escapee members since 2014 but a little older now LOL so have to mix that into the confusion too LOL. Our legal address is in Livingston and Polk County and we do have the mail forwarding and how i remember the first tow car working out with the mailing of the plates and just needing to first stop at an inspection station when crossing into TX.

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4 hours ago, bigjim said:

If "from"  Polk County, Tx. contact the Tax assessor/collector and ask for the vehicle resgistration people.  Ask them what to do and follow their instructions.

Phone: 936-327-6801

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One more reminder.  If you are doing it out of state you don't have to have the inspection done to do the paperwork but you need to mail a written statement that the vehicle is currently out of state.

If you were just doing registration renewal you could do it on line.  I just did mine the about 2 weeks ago and am waiting for the new window decal to be sent through skp mail forwarding.  I used to send them a self addressed prepaid envelope and  they would send it directly to whatever my location was at the time but they won't do that any more.

Also last vehicle  before the one I bought last July I sent stuff using Fedex with a return Fedex prepaid envelope  and there was a pretty good glitch so I suggest doing overnight mail or priority mail through US Post office.

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Well good morning to all but it has not started out very well for me. I called the Polk County  office and was told to go to www.escapees.com/tvr download a packet to fill out and mail it to them and they would register our tow car.

There does not seem to be such a web site and I have looked around the Escapees web site and can not find anything about any registration package?

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You didn't look far enough.

Down at the bottom is registering your vehicles.

The website, just takes some exploring to find the information.  There is a lot to find.


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