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  1. Thanks for the responses and yes I am aware of all that. The Texas Motor Vehicle page says one needs to call the Inspection station first to see if they can handle the big size Motor Home as most are only set up for the cars and pick up trucks. I was hoping to find some one in Texas who has had their annual annual Motor Home Inspection done. We bought our 2015 Motor Home new in Texas so it was taken care of. We have been traveling and out of the state, have traveled through Texas a couple times had our tow car inspected in Texas but mostly we just do the registration all on line
  2. Sorry for not being more specific, we are Texas citizens and Escapee members so have the Livingston Texas address as we are Full Timers and been out of State for awhile. So why we need to get the MH inspected as they tell us as soon as we cross back over into Texas. I know not all inspection stations can accommodate a Large Motor Home and there are a few who do so trying to find out if there is a list of Texas Inspection Stations that can handle the Motor Home other wise I will be having to call each inspection station around where we will be . it will be a full road Trip and stopping in
  3. We will be returning back into Texas in 2021 and need to get the Motor Home inspected as instructed when we cross the state line. Is there a lost anywhere of the Inspection stations that will handle Motor Homes? We will be stopping at an RV park in Denton to start with. Any information will be greatly appreciated
  4. Tank you giving me the correct place to look https://www.escapees.com/education/domicile/texas/
  5. Well good morning to all but it has not started out very well for me. I called the Polk County office and was told to go to www.escapees.com/tvr download a packet to fill out and mail it to them and they would register our tow car. There does not seem to be such a web site and I have looked around the Escapees web site and can not find anything about any registration package?
  6. Thank you for the responses and will do. I was looking for the online way as that is how I remember doing it with our first tow car and being out of Texas at the time back in 2015. We have a glitch this time as the seller signed in the wrong place as the buyers on their title and they are now out n the road so have been communicating and trying to get this issue resolved so the DMV can accept the Title transfer. I thought there was a way we did it back in 2015 when getting a two car out of state that allowed us to register it and then when we crossed back into Texas stop at an inspection
  7. We had to replace our tow car and are currently out of State and will not be back in Texas till sometime in 2021. We are Full Timers and having difficulty in finding a way to resister on line our replacement tow car? We have our insurance coverage on the replacement tow vehicle so that is all covered but how can we register the car in Texas now till we come back and can then follow through with the complete registration inspection and title transfer?
  8. We have not yet gotten any mail on this. We are full timers and are not in Texas at this point in time. We get our mail forwarded to where we are and as said still have not received any information. Our forwarded mail from Escapees address goes out every Monday and again we have not received any information . We eve had our primary vote delivered late, but that was A OK as our chosen candidate is the front runner anyway! We would like to add our census so our state of Escapees domain address can help but as said we still have not received any census mail to date 3/26/20
  9. I just got a bit stumped (now 71 LOL) with question where do you live as full timers we are not physically at the escapees address but I understand that is our legal address and on our Drivers License and vehicle registration . So we just give our Escapees address even though as the question is phrased we are not physically living there on April 1st 2020?
  10. Hi Linda, well I am not sure we are on the exact same page with your comment. I understood I was not "required" to return but was always told after being issued the new registration sticker by mail that I was to get the safety inspection as soon as we entered into Texas, as if stopped for any reason the police would not see we had the required safety inspection on record. So just trying to be good Texans we would stop and get the safety inspection. It is much the same for Jury duty and I have gotten two jury summons while out of state. I called and was told it was OK and to just call to
  11. OK very good now, we are hearing that for Escapees members we will not need to travel back to get yearly inspections. We are full Timers and we do travel to see our kids and families in the various states, California, Colorado, Texas Georgia and Florida.. That is what being retired is all about after all right, enjoying the life. We have been out of state and have come back in on our road trips and gotten our inspections as we crossed into Texas. We have seen the two sticker go to one and now it seems we will no longer have to be concerned with the yearly safety inspections, being members of t
  12. I am looking for simple information on the Texas Senate bill 1588. I get very lost in reading it I do admit. The question is, is Texas dropping the vehicle safety inspection on Motor Homes starting in September 2017?
  13. Chalkie, Its Don's Body shop on 21st street in Old Town. I recommend this guy because he has been up front and honest with us from day one and added that he has a A+ BBB rating I feel very confident he will do us right and get the job done right.I have had a good relation with the service department at Camping World here in Fountain as well. As I have said earlier the first available appointment they could offer the day after the storm was for Oct 18 and the first appointment is for visual inspection only. NGIC gave us Don's as he could see us sooner.
  14. Thanks for the feed back from all. Our Travels as Full Timers started in 2014 and are main destinations are the states we have family, so for us its California Colorado, Texas Georgia and Florida. I have heard from several in the RV community about how good Arizona is for repairs as well as other services, so will keep that in mind. We started our Full Timing with the purchase of our MH with Good Sam Financing (Bank of the West) and Good Sam Insurance ( National General) and we also got the extended Good Sam Warranty so live and learn as they say. I have heard many complaints against Cam
  15. In response to your post I have to disagree as we have not found that to be true. Camping World here does not allow it and is not set up for that. In our travels we found that also to be true in California with a Camping World in San Bernardino and with Giant RV in Murrieta California. We did find one independent RV shop in Murrieta that did have as you said about 5 spots out front where one could park their Motor home over night and plug in. Every other place we have ever been too does not and will not allow you to stay inside there gated and locked facility for insurance reasons. I woul
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