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Interior outlets don’t work on Dutchman Four Winds Express 18B


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Hello! Would love help with troubleshooting an electrical issue that *might* be an easy fix: I recently purchased a used 2006 dutchman 18b TT and the interior outlets don’t seem to work however the lighting is working. We located the GFCI outlet and tried resetting it all by pushing the test button but the reset button doesn’t pop out (as it should?), and all the breakers in the panelboard look normal. While the lights work, the battery does seem to be low - would that be a contributing factor? Wondering what more experienced folks might advise - any tips would be appreciated. 

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Welcome to the Escapees open forums! We will do all that we can to help you.

My first question is, do you have the RV plugged into a power source for 120V electricity? If not the GFCI is operating normally as it will trip with no power but it must have 120V power in order to be reset. Your lights operate from the 12V battery so they are in no way related to the GFCI or related outlets. Some RVs do have an inverter that can make a limited amount of 120V power from the battery, but unless there is a large bank of 4 or more batteries, that is pretty limited and usually only supplies a few of the 120V outlets. Does the air conditioner work or the microwave? Both of those also require 120V power from an outside source, as do most outlets. I found some specifications for that RV online and no inverter is listed so I am fairly sure that you do not have one so unless connected to outside power, what you have is quite normal. 

Come back and let us know what happens. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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I had a similar experience, no AC power to the curb-side slide out . After a LOT of crawling under and tracing wiring, it turned out that there was a GFCI in the system - IN THE ISLAND IN THE KITCHEN!  Everywhere you can find a visible GFCI, reset it. Behind sofa, in a cabinet, etc. see if you get lucky. 

You'd have to see the movie to understand..........

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