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Schneider Electric Conext inverters

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Used one in a 48V sleeper truck couple years ago.  Did it's thing, no issues.  You could do whatever you wanted in that sleeper for days.

Took it out of that truck and still use it all the time today to bench charge a couple big 48V temp modules I strap on the back of the electric trucks when their 650/48 converters die (like every other week).  Lets the truck still run for the day while they figure out their HV converter woes.  It is kinda big and clunky for just charging and no inverting, but already owned it and its been doing its thing well for a couple years now so she sticks around.  It only charges at 45A and the Lithionics module wants 55A, but what the heck, I'm paid hourly 😉

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Might ought to give this more consideration. It is a lot more than I need but using it at half input might be a good thing. Price is awfully cheap comparing with others. Can you click on links. I get security blocks with phone and Chromebook. Also the way it has it set up, the voltages are wrong for my battery pack. My charge range is 40-58. Ok, got to website for installation manual. That is an Aims unit.I know the mid range Aims units are not dependable. Have no idea about the large upper range units. Just not a lot in use.

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Back to Schneider Electric Jack Myer write up on his site about inverters mention the SW unit but just states it is 24 or 48v and not suitable for rvs. Well times have changed. I have not found any negative except for techincal help. Seems it is lacking. But the company I looking at services units. Sends out return boxes for Magnum and others. So they do service what they sell. Also seems very informative about them. I think I wil be alright with 6500 watts. Could not run dryer, microwave and air fryer all at same time but we can deal with that. Get that heat pump dryer and no issuse then. Just don't want to spend that grand until I need one. If anyone has a big negative please let me know. Seriously considering this unit. https://inverterservicecenter.com/Schneider-Electric-RNW865684801

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