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New EvilQuest ransomware discovered targeting macOS users


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"EvilQuest ransomware encrypts macOS systems but also installs a keylogger and a reverse shell for full control over infected hosts.

EvilQuest is distributed via pirated software

But the researcher who first spotted the new EvilQuest ransomware is K7 Lab security researcher Dinesh Devadoss.

Devadoss tweeted about his finding yesterday, June 29. However, new evidence surfaced in the meantime has revealed that EvilQuest has been, in reality, distributed in the wild since the start of June 2020.

Reed told ZDNet in a phone call today that Malwarebytes has found EvilQuest hidden inside pirated macOS software uploaded on torrent portals and online forums.

Devadoos has spotted EvilQuest hidden in a software package called Google Software Update, Wardle has found samples of EvilQuest inside a pirated version of popular DJ software Mixed In Key, and Reed has spotted it hidden inside the macOS security tool called Little Snitch."

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/new-evilquest-ransomware-discovered-targeting-macos-users/?ftag=TREc64629f&bhid=22078230483476385315599228605251&mid=12905556&cid=2210234375

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