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vintage furnace


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I have a 30ft rolls international envoy either a 1972 or 1974 with a suburban furnace.i noticed The fan wasn't kicking on when I turn on the thermostat. Upon further inspection I realized it was locked up with mud dauber nests. My question is how should I go about removing the debris in the furnace? (The fan did break free and I immediately shut it off to prevent any further damage) it was all in working order two years ago when it was last used

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Welcome to the Escapee open forums!

The only way to access the interior of a Suburban furnace from that time period is to remove it from the RV/ Be sure that you turn off the propane and I would use the cook stove to burn off as much of the propane as possible with the supply turned off before disconnecting the gas line. Make sure that the gas doesn't get turned back on while your furnace is removed. It is always a good safety practice to either tag the supply valve or put a cap on the furnace supply line. 

If you visit Bryant RV Service you can download a copy of the Suburban service manual to help with disassembly. 

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