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Have Ram 2500 Diesel, Looking to add Cap


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I accidentally posted this in the heavy duty truck section, so if you already read this, I'm sorry! I'm still learning, as this is our first truck. :)

We just bought a Ram 2500 diesel mega cab and are wanting to add a camper cap on the back for storage and the dog crate. We have a larger sized dog and she does not like to sit, just stand or lay. I don't think there is going to be enough room with the kids and her in the back seat for long drives. We will be towing a travel trailer. Our plan was to get a camper cap, have the truck window open into the cap so the cold air could get to her, maybe have a fan there to help draw the cold air in. I know people who have let them just free stand in the back (within the bed/cap), but I worry about accidents, so she may be in the crate (it's big enough for her to stand in and move around). I want everyone to be safe and comfortable on the trip. Has anyone else done some thing similar? What cap would you recommend? Do you loose use of your backup and cargo cameras?

Thank you!

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23 hours ago, tepebs said:

I accidentally posted this in the heavy duty truck section,

There aren't strict rules about where to post things but you may not get many answers here as you would elsewhere. If you do try a different forum, I'd suggest the general one. 

We tow our travel trailer with a Dodge, diesel, 4 door, 2500 too and we do have a cap on the bed that was made by Leer truck caps. My truck is a 2003 so it doesn't have a backup camera, but wish that it did. We don't try to cool the cargo area as our dog always rode in the back sea, but she passed a year ago and we no longer have her. I have been very happy with the cap we bought but they aren't inexpensive. 

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