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Microsoft gets ready to roll out the new Edge to Windows 10 via Windows Update


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" Beginning January 15, 2020, Microsoft will be delivering its new Chromium-based Edge browser automatically to Windows 10 users via Windows Update, unless its Edge Blocker Toolkit is applied.

Microsoft officials have said the new Chromium-based Edge browser will be generally available starting January 15, 2020. They also said in early November that the new Edge will be bundled with Windows 10 right after the general availability date, though this will happen in a staggered/staged manner. This week, the Redmondians are providing links to more details about the coming Edge rollout for Windows 10.

The Chromium-based version of Edge will not be tied to Windows operating system releases moving forward, as officials have said. Microsoft will be making the new Edge available automatically via Windows Update for all PCs already running Windows 10 1709 or newer.

Microsoft's Edge documentation notes:

"The next version of Microsoft Edge features more frequent and more flexible updating capabilities. Because browser releases aren't bound to the Windows major releases, changes will be made to the operating system to ensure that the next version of Microsoft Edge fits seamlessly into Windows. As a result, feature updates will be released on a 6-week cycle (approximately.) Security and compatibility updates will be shipped as needed."

Once the new Edge is installed and updates -- which are available already and detailed in the Edge documentation for each feature update -- are made to the Windows 10 variants, automatic migration of menu pins, tiles and shortcuts will migrate from Legacy Edge to the new Edge.  

Microsoft also is making available a Blocker Toolkit for the new Edge for companies wishing to block the automatic deployment of the new Edge, as reported by ghacks.net. (The toolkit also can be run on Windows 10 Home systems by administrators.) The Blocker Toolkit won't block the manual installation of the new Chromium-based Edge.

As Microsoft execs have said previously, in most cases, extensions built for Chromium should work without any modifications in the new Edge. Microsoft will no longer be accepting new extensions for the existing Microsoft Legacy Edge after December 17, 2019, but will continue to accept updates for existing Microsoft Edge Legacy extensions. The company is committing to migrate users' extensions from Legacy Edge when they update to the new Edge starting January 15, but extensions will only be migrated if they're already available in the Microsoft Edge Addons store at the time of switching to the new browser. 

Microsoft announced in late 2018 that it was creating a new version of Edge by using Chromium combined with some components currently in Edge, all in the name of providing greater browsing compatibility across the web. Microsoft is using the underlying Chromium Blink rendering technology, but is replacing quite a few Chromium services with Microsoft equivalents."

The whole article with hot links is here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-gets-ready-to-roll-out-the-new-edge-to-windows-10-via-windows-update/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=


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Joel, could you point to anything I said or Mary Jo said in the article to try to get you to switch. No comment from me to try it. Just the facts as that is coming in the new year. If you use Windows and don't want it the author, Mary Jo Foley, a top Microsoft insider, also mentions there is a blocker for it as well. I use Firefox and my wife uses Edge. So I'll be helping her transition to be smooth and will pass along any tips tricks and traps I encounter. I don't think there is any program folks are less prone to change as their browser. My wife uses Edge and won't even try to try Firefox, and neither of us likes the "feel" of Chrome, or Google's Gmail.  My five licenses for MS Office 2010 will lose support this year too. I tried Libre Office again and it lacks much of what I use especially searching within documents by search term.

In the article Mary Jo wrote "Microsoft announced in late 2018 that it was creating a new version of Edge by using Chromium combined with some components currently in Edge, all in the name of providing greater browsing compatibility across the web. Microsoft is using the underlying Chromium Blink rendering technology, but is replacing quite a few Chromium services with Microsoft equivalents. "

This article was FYI and seems is aimed at Edge users. I have my hands full trying to finish updating our new property and configuring my three new computer systems. It is coming in the next month or so, that's a fact. Some folks might want to know why it acts differently that use Edge now. So I pass some facts along. No offense intended.

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As of next month Mark, it appears all the major browsers save Apple's Safari and Firefox will be based on Chrome adding their own UI. I'll be buying the Military Office 365 home military edition on sale for six family or friend's computers for $49.99 on base only. That because Libre office search within a document is a real PITA. And scrolling on a tablet doesn't work on my Surface devices touch screens. But if they have it right with Chrome engines Edge browser I could switch. Not likely but I'll see.

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It was a special sale end of 2018. The military edition, covers six people, is on sale now through 31December for $69.95. https://www.shopmyexchange.com/microsoft-office-365-home-military-edition-2019/1679084

You'll just have to check often. I was waiting for all my new systems to come in before activating it. I tried Libre Office again and it stinks with a touch screen. I just downloaded Open Office and it is much better than Libre. I will try MS Office 365 for one year on my systems, but since I don't use much more than Word now, I can get office free to use online here: https://www.office.com/

You just log in with your Windows account for free online office use. I get 1TB per user cloud storage on one drive with the personal high security locker. I found when you let it lapse, your files stay but they are read only. I'm pretty sure I can copy them to local drives if I decide not to use it at some point. 

Office 365 Home

‪Microsoft Corporation‬

• Share with your entire family – for up to 6 people • For use on multiple PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones (including Windows, iOS, and Android*) • Premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, plus Publisher and Access for PC only • 1TB OneDrive cloud storage with advanced security per person • Collaborate on documents with others online • Tech support via chat or phone with Microsoft experts • Annual or monthly subscription. Your subscription will automatically continue. Cancel anytime.

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