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ET Hitch Air Leak

Kevin & Yolanda Maksymyk

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The air bags are bolted top and bottom.  We had a leak in one of the fittings and replaced the plastic fittings with brass fittings.  Could have used shorter nipples, but if we have another leak, I'll be able to replace fittings without removing air bags.

Remove the top bolts first and pivot the hitch up and hold in place with a rod or similar.  Remove bottom bolts to remove air bags and access air fittings.  Fairly easy to accomplish.

a1 P1130844.JPG

a1 P1130887.JPG

a1 P1130894.JPG

a1 P1130903.JPG


Jim & Wilma

2006 Travel Supreme 36RLQSO

2009 Volvo VNL730, D13, I-shift, ET, Herrin Hauler bed, "Ruby"

2017 Smart

Class of 2017

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The airbags are very robust and don't age or crack in the typical fashion since they are not exposed directly to sun. The top and bottom mounting plates are aluminum and the mounting holes are threaded aluminum. The bolts are 3/8-16 into that aluminum, therefore the tightening spec is only 20 inch-lb of torque (palm size ratchet, wrist force only), should you remove the top or top and the airbag for "look and see". Never seen a bad airbag, even in 10 years old ETs. Most likely it's the fitting or tubing connecting the fittings. Brass DOT fittings as shown above are superior and should be used on older repairs where tubing is dirty and stiff and will not seal well in push-in fittings.

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