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Drom box potential


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Hi all,

I have been thinking a lot (!) about tool storage lately.  I ran across an ad from a local man who has some interesting parts that would work for a drom box.

i went to his place to look and measure. This morning I took a few measurements on the back of our truck and I think his used components will be too big for the space we have left on our frame.  With all the brain cells wasted thinking about this Maybe I’m just obsessed, because we are in the process of downsizing and I want to keep most of my small tools.

So I’m putting this on the HDT site for a person with a truck these items will fit. It is advertised on FB btw. 

It used to be a bed on a big electric company truck and it has a 7’ square by 6’ tall steel shed with some wired lights inside and out. 
also had 2 very large aluminum oil tanks probably with baffles.

i like them both but think they could be a significant amount of work to make them fit or add doors to one of the tanks.  Plus I wonder if the oil tanks held some really nasty stuff or just plain oil.  Location is in NC. Pics from the owner are for those who don’t use FB.

Not shown is the door on the back or interior. The door is not built for security. The interior is very clean. 
HJLOZBjl.jpg "border=0
m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image.
nbGge6Fl.jpg "border=0
m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image.


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That bed is interesting except for the rust between the box/bed. I too wanted storage for bikes/tools/toys, but I singled short. Absolute max was 52" behind cab for clearance. Went & got a 48" Pete sleeper box, & turned it around so big opening is facing back, & fab'ed a door for it. 

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