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TOGO here thinking about installation

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When it stops raining, maybe Wednesday. What I am thinking is this, we has a useless sat tv dome on top of the TT. I'm thinking of pulling that and putting the TOGO dome there. I'm guessing there is a 12V cable under that sat dome which will solve the wire pulling issue.

I was told selling sat TV systems at an RV show that we had an 'old dome' and others have opined it is now worthless. We bought the 2016 RV used and it did not come with the sat tv box anyway. And I have no plans to spend a fortune on sat tv anyway.

The TOGO comes with a Sling TV offer. And also there are two data plans offered 5 GB/month not unlimited for $25/mo. And the unlimited $360/yr plan that everyone talks about.


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Another user says he got an email saying that they are canceling the unlimited 360/yr program on 1/15/2020 so you need to sign up before then.


I have the device but have not activated yet, so I'll wait until January to sign up to maximize the time. Hopefully we will see some other plans come out.

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I sent a note off to Winegard…..they replied that they would supply the Admin password(I assume that's needed if wanting to change sim's?). They also related that AT&T will still offer plans but Data will be capped. In my case, I bought the TOGO as a back up so one of the plans offered after the unlimited goes away was a 325.00 a year with a 100 GB cap. ….that would work for me or even one of the monthly plans. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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