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Question Selling RV w/ solar + extras - what is best?


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Hello all RVers! Due to personal circumstances, I have to sell my truck and RV. I still consider myself a newbie (been full-time since 2017). I planned to do lots of US/Canada travelling but that hasn’t happened for me. I have been researching the best way to sell to receive the most money since I still owe on both. I listened to the RVdaily salesperson and that is not the right way to go! Consignment takes 10%. I’m willing to put the effort in to sell on my own, but would love input from members on how best to evaluate my RV. When I speak to consignment people, they just quote standard book value, etc, not taking into consideration any additions /enhancements you have made to your RV (truck dealers did the same thing so I’ve listed it on craig’s+). I may need to take a reality check but I think there is additional value added to an RV with the extras and that they should factor into the sales price. This is especially true concerning the full solar panels on top of the RV designed to make my RV maximum boondock-ready. Dealers say my RV (2017 Keystone Fuzion 420 Chrome luxury toy hauler) should list at $65-70k BEFORE the end of ‘rebate promotions’ Nov 2019 when price would drop $10-20k. I am seeking advice from anyone with experience selling their RV(s). I am posting this in several forums to garner maximum input. I welcome and appreciate all comments, suggestions, etc!!!


  1. What is recommended that I value the extras (listed below) to add to the base value?
  2. Is there any value in selling RV WITH my truck (super clean, under 12k 2017 Dodge Ram 3500 dually, also w/ extras) as a combo deal?
  3. I am living full-time in an RV park so I can’t park anywhere more visible.
  4. Anyone familiar with the end of ‘rebate period’ that I was told will affect what I can sell my RV for?


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55 minutes ago, OtterGirl said:

Dealers say my RV (2017 Keystone Fuzion 420 Chrome luxury toy hauler) should list at $65-70k

That is the range that your RV value falls into for either NADA or Blue Book. That is probably where the figure comes from.  The part about rebates could be an effort to push you to act quickly, but remember that once the 2020 Keystone Fuzion line is at the dealers it will be considered to be 3 years old, rather then the 2 years it is now.

When you consider how to price the things that you have added, you may find a way to get more than that for them but the best estimate would probably be to add in 1/2 of the purchase price to what you ask in selling it and be prepared to show a potential buyer the documentation to support what you paid for it. There are two common ways that consignment dealers typically charge the seller. Either you'll pay a flat percentage of the sale price, usually between 10 to 15%, or you and the dealer will both agree upon a target sale price, and the dealer will collect the extra as commission. 

It is difficult to guess whether you would be better to sell the two together or to separate but you could advertise them as available either way. If you do that you will need to state a price for each and probably a buyer would expect to pay somewhat less that the two added together if they buy both. How well you can expect to cover the total that you owe on each one by selling is very difficult to predict because so much depends on how much of each price you financed. If you paid the minimum down you may find it very difficult to recover as much as you might wish. 

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We sold our MH  within a month through PPL in Houston.  PPL recommended a price but we asked higher because of our solar equipment and also because we thought folks always want to dicker price.  Our buyer flew in from Florida and paid our asking price.  He wanted the solar and was willing to pay for it.

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We've sold two motorhomes with solar systems on consignment. Both times we asked more than the dealer recommended. Both times we got our asking price.

If selling on your own, I agree with Kirk that you should only ask 50% of what you paid for upgrades. I also think you should only include the expensive ones. Anything less than $1000 I would consider as incentives for the buyer to buy your rig rather than trying to persuade them they should pay for what *I* wanted. I, for one, would never buy skirting and why would anyone want to buy a booster you never needed?


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