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Internet Access 2: 43 campgrounds, 8 states + Canada


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Nice work!  Your findings relative to AT&T are particularly interesting especially since the Mobley is a bit of an outdated hotspot so one wouldn't have expected its results to be all that good.  The fact that it delivered such good results suggests that a newer, more modern hotspot might have performed even better.

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I enjoyed reading your data, and have a follow up questions (And if I missed (Or more probably forgot!) reading this info - sorry!):

-Was ATT via Mobley, and no exterior Antenna? (Doc's comments make me think this...)

-Verizon, same question. Exterior antennas involved?

-If exterior antenna was involved for ATT and Verizon, was it MIMO antenna?

-Wifi. Was this directly Park to computer Speednet (Or other.) testing of Download Speeds? Or do you hav external antenna's to capture Park Wifi? 

-Do any of the the Cellular Data feeds to ATT and Verizon include a Celluar Amp?


And note, in general, I've found very similar situations. With the states we've traveled the last 2 years or so, I find that the bulk of our Data feeds have come from either  ATT and or Verizon. Verizon for us, is via a Hotspot over a Samsung S8 phone. Upon occasions, the phone needs the Maximum Signal Amp to provide usable Data Speeds. The ATT is fed into a dedicated Mobley SIM in a Nighthawk (The last 6 or so months.), or Netgear 815S earlier, for Data Feeds. Both devices were connected to a Rooftop Mobile Marke MIMO antenna. 

The few times we've needed to depend on WiFi, I've found the WiFiRanger has maximized pulling in WiFi for Data usage. Usually just via the GOac, but a few times using the EliteAC POE Ubiquity Antenna booster. 

Whenever either ATT or Verizon is available, that is what we use.


Really appreciate you taking the time to track and summarize what you've seen. I think for 2019, I'll try to keep the same kind of basic records, and share them too:)!

Best to you, and all,


Note: I've set up a reminder for in about two weeks, to come back and research your earlier posts, to see if you outlined equipment and or how you get the 'data feed'. So if you've covered the above questions on your data approaches, just say so, and I'll find them while digging a bit deeper:)!



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11 hours ago, Smitty77_7 said:

-Was ATT via Mobley, and no exterior Antenna? (Doc's comments make me think this...) . . .

I added a "Methodology" section with answers to your questions -- Campground Internet 2 (updated)

If you or others repeat what I've done, I also suggest you test what OTA TV stations you receive at each campground. Wish I had done that.

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On 9/10/2019 at 9:44 AM, Zulu said:

I added a "Methodology" section with answers to your questions -- Campground Internet 2 (updated)

If you or others repeat what I've done, I also suggest you test what OTA TV stations you receive at each campground. Wish I had done that.

Thk's Zulu (I saw you had responded, then got sidetracked...)!

Like how you distinguished between 'availability' vs 'stream ability'. 

I believe I mentioned that I do use external MIMO antenna for ATT, and also at time will use Maximum Signal Cellular AMP. 

We do our best to remain available via Email and Text with family members. So between our gear, we focus on that. Being able to surf, is our secondary priority. But admit, that a very close third priority - is 'stream ability'. Our current 'entertainment' approach, is still ~65% DirecTV (And shows we record.), but that has dropped form last year ~75%. We find we are shifting to 'streaming' more frequently. 

My opinion, is that over the next few years as 5G, and low orbiting satellite delivery systems, rollout - 'streaming' will grow to an even higher percentage...

I do still look at Park WiFi, but due to our multiple Cellular Data Sources - very seldom use 'conventional park WiFi'. (As with your results, in many locations, I've found that I have 'stream ability' signals from both Verizon and ATT - so I can balance the usage between carriers.) And I think that is the key difference over the last few years - the difference between useable and stream able signals from both ATT and Verizon, has really narrowed.

Really appreciate your time and effort, and sharing of results,


9/16 Edit: Classic timing:)!

We're at Evergreen COOP, and testing Verizon, at this corner of the RV park, we were seeing RSRP's of 107-110m SNR of GT 18.2.

Turned on our Maximum Signal Cellular Booster. My Verizon S8 phone is about 7-8' away from the inside repeater antenna. RSRP's 92-98, SNR 10.8 - 12.7 range. 

A good example where external antenna, amp, and inside repeater antenna's can make a difference. 

(By the way, I turned the Cellular Amp due to calls being broken up. We're using the ATT Nighthawk, via Mobile Mobile Mark rooftop MIMO antenna - to tether to the GOac for the inside the coach WiFi usage. Three times faster then even the amplified Verizon:)!) 




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