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We have a Cricket(ATT subsidiary) phone and upped our plan to the $60($55 if CC) plan prior to our trip to Alaska via BC and AB. This plan has CA coverage, all unlimited. They do have a caveat on the website about limited usage in CA but we never encountered any slowing down at all. I am extremely pleased with how well the plan worked no matter where we were. We probably had a 95%(maybe higher) success rate in connecting. Sometimes just for email but most of the time we did streaming. Very impressive.

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23 hours ago, SWharton said:

This plan has CA coverage, all unlimited.

I'm not sure what you call unlimited, but like most cellular plans there is a monthly limit for hotspot LTE data.  In the case of the $60 Cricket plan it appears that the limit is 15GB/mo:

Cricket More includes up to 15GB Mobile Hotspot data per line per month; then hotspot speeds slowed to 128Kbps for rest of bill cycle

The bottom line is that cellular data in Canada is expensive.  With our Verizon phones in Canada this summer we avoided the monthly limitation but were allowed 0.5GB//day of free data (15GB/mo) on each phone but instead of having the data slowed if we exceeded the daily limit we could pay $5 for an additional 0.5GB.   At those prices we didn't stream very much.

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I have the Unlimited Extra Plan which is apparently no longer offered. I had signed up for it in March or April to get CA internet coverage. I still would recommend Cricket for CA, works great. I have linked to at least 2 different services providers in CA with no problems.  I also used it in AK rather than switch all the connections back to the Mobley. Worked great there also.

I need to thank you. I was planning to change back to my normal plan and now I won't. I don't think I will need the unlimited plan since I normally use my Mobley in the states but We may go to the Maritime Islands in a few years. I would rather have it than not.

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I have had Cricket for about 4 yrs. now Have the $60.00 plan and $10.00 for the hotspot feature! I get 22gb of high speed data. if the tower isn't busy it continues at high speed! I have been really pleased with it. Used it in The northeast; Michigan and Tennnesee. 

:) Living Life One Day At A Time!

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