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Polishing Tanks?


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My tanks are getting a little oxidized and last trip I lost an ac line to sleeper and ran Freon all over passenger side tank. I tried to wash off but no luck. Ended up sanding tank which worked very good. So good that I will sand the other one as well and clean up all the oxidation. I need to go back and polish now. My question is which size polishing wheel works the best. I can get 8” or 10”. I think 8” will work a little better to get right up and under sleeper for tops of tanks. I think 10” will work better over all for tank and wheel finish. Really I don’t know what I think so your thoughts would be appreciated 

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With the KW is you can rotate the tanks cuz it is underslung.  Run it down to 1/4 tank before starting into it, then take all the straps off.  Rotate to where you need to be and put one strap back on enough to hold it in place.  Do a different strap at the next rotate and you won't have tan lines when you are done.  Get some #8 and #10 45 flare caps and plugs and you can get your fuel lines out of the way and keep them from dripping too.  Replace the tank and strap rubbers first so you don't scratch it when rotated..  So, yea, 10".

Or..........  While its all apart, take em off and have em painted? 😏

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Some time back, broncohauler did a post on polishing tanks and other things.  He mentioned wheels, sandaper grits, and polishing compounds.,  A search might get you something.

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2 hours ago, Scrap said:

Or..........  While its all apart, take em off and have em painted? 😏

Or get a Volvo and put them behind the fairings :)


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