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Back on road/Maintenance items/Tommy P shout out


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At the end of Sept, we got back to TN. C wanted to stay in place to prepare for music school auditions. So we had a few months to work on all the little projects that get put off. So of course, I did all the projects in the four weeks leading up to travel day instead of a little at a time over the months parked. :)

HUGE thanks for Tommy P for taking good care of the truck and figuring out the AC problem. Knock on wood, I have 18 hours of drive time under belt with AC working. Intermittent voltage fluctuation at the compressor was causing the APADS (AC protection controller) to shut down compressor. Even though the AC wiring harness was new, weatherpak connectors were new and changed twice, hard wire was the answer. Don’t ask us why.

note to self: when ordering mini split, make sure to check 110v model vs. 220v model since it is running off genset.

list of what was done: 


Mileage: 759,652

Fuel, Oil filters

Blew out Air Filter

Oil change Rotella 15w40

Chassis lubed

both diffs drained and filled with  synthetic lube, mobile 

wheels cut and buffed

Wired in front plug on trailer to transfer switch

wired in progressive 50amp EMS after ATS

added nema 50a female plug to back of truck to breaker panel 

50a nema male to 50a nema male extension cord with momo wire

made a 50a nema male to 50a female pig tale 


Heater hoses replaced

Coolant replaced

AC compressor hardwired (took out connector; fixed issue)

Wired in battery isolator and dash switch to jump between battery banks

Generator oil and air filters changed

Generator inverter controller new (remove and reinstall generator) note: check/tighten fuel line before installing panels next time  

Cam Position sensor new

Heater valves new

Davco fuel filter check valve new

Power to trailer fixed in jackalopee 

APADS replaced new

Many Dash lights replaced

removed old bunk AC unit and 10 miles of wire that who knows did what 


Air compressor starting to blow a little oil

king pins will need replacing down the road



All 8 batteries replaced; rewired both banks; 5 miles of wiring removed

Steering box replaced

Steering fluid filter

Still to do:

steering column bushing?

front carpet/rubber/insulation kit

windows in sleeper

Mini split in sleeper



its only $$$. 


2003 International Eagle 9200i, Cummins ISX, Freedomline

2007 Teton Scottsdale XT4


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If your out of items to do. Will run my T600 over, and drop it off for a while. Be happy to pick it up when your done. 😀

Sounds like you have done a lot in a short time for sure. Plus think of all the rest you can get now while on the road.

I have to get my shop finished. Get the AC going in it. Can't handle the hot these days. So anything like this, does not get done when its hot.




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