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Decode 2006 Country Coach Magna 630 VIN ??


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Does anyone have a secret decoder ring to decode a 2006 Country Coach Magna 630 VIN ?  The VIN is 4U7C 9DZ1 3611 0486 6, PA number 23703, Mfg ID 6552.  That is all the info I have on the coach. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks, Charlie.

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8 hours ago, pfhays said:

Damon Rapozo has a website

  • Damon used to post on several of the RV forums that I visited but I haven't seen him on one in several years. I had wondered what happened to him. 

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Damon is doing great in the Oregon Junction City and Eugene area. As I can tell, he still semi Independent, and yet at the same time, works with Premier in Junction City. Has an office at Premier that he comes into, well, except during Xmas Tree Harvest time!! He's a great complement to Gary and Louie of Premier. And as far as Country Coaches go, the three of them are walking brain trusts. All three, seem to be  genuine people - which is hard for salesman:)! (And to be clear, intended as a complement to all three of them. And a dang good staff too.).

OP - If you have questions on a Country Coach you still want answered - call and talk with Damon Rapozo... 

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