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Verizon's $40 unlimited Visible service now on Android

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"After debuting on iPhones last May, Verizon’s Visible prepaid service has finally made its way to Android, bringing unlimited data, messaging, and calls for just $40 a month. If you’re interested in making the switch, here’s everything you need to know:"


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Does anyone have the Visible Plan? Does it work well? I am not concerned about the speed, we are considering the plan for our secondary phone. We like to have one phone on ATT and one phone on Verizon. Thinking about getting the Android R2 phone from Visible. Thanks

Does anyone know how much memory the R2 has? We want at last 16G.

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The R2 has 16GB of internal storage. You can also add a micro SD card. I have had the plan for 3 weeks and after an initial nightmare with customer support, it is working well. The phone's hotspot will only connect to one device. I have a cheap travel router that I connect to and this allows me to connect to multiple devices. If you have an old android phone, you can trade it in and get the R2 for free.

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Got an email from Visible yesterday stating:
Good news: your data is no longer capped at 5 Mbps. That means unlimited data, now with more speed. It's free to new users for a limited time, but since you're an early access member, you'll be grandfathered in. Meaning you'll enjoy uncapped speeds for no additional fee - for as long as you’re with Visible. It's our way of saying thanks! All you have to do is turn your phone off and then back on to get started. (Mobile hotspot will still be capped at 5 Mbps.)

I downloaded a 800MB file using the hotspot and the speed was about 17Mbps. Hopefully the uncapped speed will continue.

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We have had Visible now for 3 months. Other than a rough start-up with our address(Escapees address) everything has gone well. The Visible phone is our secondary phone so it is not used much. Our main reason for switching is that we like to have one phone on ATT and the other on Verizon. 

Visible doesn't have coverage outside the US. They need to add Canada and Mexico to be competitive with ATT.

We are well covered with 2 ATT plans, both unlimited(Mobley and Cell-Cricket) plus Verizon(Visible).

We are currently in Alaska and there is very little Verizon coverage outside of the big cities. We are happy we have both.

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