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  1. Thankfully my fridge works fine while mobile. One option is you could get an inverter and run the fridge on AC while mobile. I believe the the heating element draws about 300 watts so get at least a 500 watt inverter.
  2. I have a Verizon 6620L and tried the SIM in it and it worked fine. All you have to do is change the JetPack's APN to VSBLINTERNET. I tried this just to see if it works. Since Visible is my only phone and data source I put the SIM back into my phone.
  3. So you are saying buy another phone for $80 and $200 for an 8800 JetPack plus another $25/month rather than a one-time cost of a travel router? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  4. I did a similar thing on my motorhome. Panels can be tilted up or removed and set in the sun using extension cables
  5. I use a GL.iNET GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router. Available from Amazon for $26.50. GL.iNET GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router from Amazon Or you could opt for the GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext for more features. GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext
  6. I've had Visible since June 2019 and it has worked great for voice and data. It is my only phone and data source. I have traveled out west to Montana and spend winters in Florida with no issues. The app is only required to activate the phone. You do need to connect to WiFi to activate the phone. If you are porting your phone number to Visible your old phone will be de-activated once the change takes affect.
  7. Check out PlayOn: https://www.playon.tv/ This allows you to save streaming content to your computer.
  8. My '05 which is a 5 speed also has tow/haul. My shifts are a bit harsher when in tow/haul so on level ground I turn it off. If there are no sharp curves you do not need to slow down. Tow/haul will select the correct gear to maintain the speed limit.
  9. My Smart car has the same problem. An easy fix is to tie a bungee cord to the steering wheel and attach the other end somewhere to keep slight tension on the wheel. This may also work for the Jeep.
  10. Adjusting for inflation $295.50 in today's dollars would be $614.35.
  11. Get rid of the PWM and disconnect the start battery. If you think you may need to maintain the start battery get a Trik-L-Start maintainer. http://www.lslproducts.net/TLSPage.html
  12. Check out Visible. They are owned by Verizon and thus use Verizon towers. Their service costs $40/month for unlimited phone, text, and data. This also includes unlimited hotspot. The cost can be brought down to $25/month by joining a "Party Pay". Here are some links: https://www.visible.com/ https://www.visible.com/party-pay This is a reddit site where people post available Party Pay slots: https://www.reddit.com/r/VisiblePartyPay/ I have been using Visible for a year and it has worked great for me. If your present smart phone is compatible you can continue to use it. Or you can trade an Android phone for a new one for free.
  13. Check out Visible. It is a Verizon owned company and offers unlimited everything for $40/month, taxes and fees included. This also includes hotspot use. https://www.visible.com/ You can check if your present phone is compatible on their site. If you need to purchase a new phone, their cheapest model is a ZTE A7 for $49 (Free if you trade in an Android phone). Unfortunately that model is currently out of stock. I've been a customer since last June and my ZTE R2 has worked great. One thing to note is that you can only connect one device at a time to the hotspot. If you need to connect multiple devices you can purchase a router. But wait! There's more. If you join a "Party Pay" you can bring the monthly total down to $25.
  14. Those are not fuses but diodes. Sounds like you hooked the panel directly to your battery and got the polarity wrong. If you are lucky, you can replace the diodes.
  15. Both of the recommended antennas are small, therefore they would not work well for VHF channels. The Winegard Sensar IV (aka Batwing) is considered the best RV antenna. The wide "wings" of the Sensar IV assure better reception for the VHF channels. About 25% of TV stations are now broadcasting on the VHF band. An accessory called the SensarPro is available which is an amplifier/attenuator and signal level meter which aids in positioning the antenna. It replaces your existing wall plate.
  16. I mounted a Winegard Sensar IV on a mast and attached it to my ladder. The mast is military surplus that I purchased on eBay. It consists of 4 foot sections that stack. I use this when I'm in a fringe area. If you mount your antenna to the top of your ladder with a piece of pipe, your biggest challenge will be rotating the antenna.
  17. I use this one: GL.iNet GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router $26.50 on Amazon. It connects to my R2 via WiFi. It allows multiple connections.
  18. The cheapest option is to pick up one of these: Ematic converter box Available at Walmart for $27.99. With the addition of a USB hard drive or thumb drive it becomes a DVR. I have one of these and there are some issues but once you get the hang of things it works quite well. Only one tuner. No skip function which means you have to fast forward through commercials. You can not start watching a show until it has finished recording. Very limited program guide. Sometimes channels will disappear which means you have to rescan channels.
  19. I switched from Straight Talk to Visible last June and it has been working great. Visible recently started a service called "Party Pay" which can reduce the $40 per month down to $25. Here's a link for more info: https://www.visible.com/party-pay Here's a link to a site where people post available spots: https://www.reddit.com/r/VisiblePartyPay/ I used the reddit site to join a party. Your Visible account remains completely private. Once you are accepted into a party your monthly rate will be reduced by $5 for each additional party until a total of 4 accounts are reached. When you log into your Visible account you can check what your monthly bill will be.
  20. Check out TOGO: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/att-360-yr-rv-unlimited-data-plan-now-available-with-togo-roadlink-c2/ https://rvmiles.com/review-togo-roadlink-lte-router-wifi-booster-unlimited-rv-internet-for-30-month/ $400 to purchase the device then $360 per year for unlimited data.
  21. On second thought, I decided to jump on board. My next bill will be for $25. You never know when this Party Pay offer will end. Thanks again Dutch.
  22. Thanks Dutch. I have not joined a Party. I think I'll try to round up some people I know first.
  23. I have had Visible since June. I am using the Visible R2 phone and a router connected to the hotspot. I am still getting full speed data even though Visible states that the hotspot speed is limited to 5Mb/s. Impossible to say if this will continue, but is nice while it lasts.
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