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Verizon SIM in Unite Explore hotspot???

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The Unite Explorer is built for AT&T's network bands and protocols.  Since T-Mobile is mostly compatible with AT&T, it also works on their network but is missing some network (LTE) bands and will not have the same coverage as a newer T-Mobile device.  Sprint and Verizon have a small overlap with AT&T on network bands,, but mostly are incompatible.   

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For a Verizon SIM card HotSpot, here are some to consider:

Jetback 8800L 

Novatel 7730L

Negear AC791L

They are launching a newer 5G version of I believe Jetpack(?) now too, but I'd wait on spending up for 5G gear for awhile. 

And if you do not need a lot of connections, nothing wrong with using a phone via Hotspot mode. We just stopped using our Verizon Samsung S6 after about three years of usage, up to 100GB+ per month while traveling (And another 100GB+ via ATT devices, depending upon which has the bet coverage at a given location.). If you want to, you can then slide the phone, or a MiFi device, into a WeBoost Sleek Amp, for enhanced signal in medium to low signal areas. And, you can either tether or wifi connect a phone to a inside the RV WiFi and Router provider. I like Wifi Ranger's GOac for this duty, but others exist. This can come in handy if you want to take a laptop or tablet outside, and still have a good signal within a certain range of our unit. 

Best of luck to you,


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