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Considering Sailun 235-80-17 tires for my ram dually


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Shopping for tires and have looked at Sailun tires alsoMichelins. Currently have Michelins with about 40k on them (they are worn out). These are LTX model.

 Sailuns get good reviews as far as I can tell. Price wise the Sailuns win.

PS I pull a 18k Excel 5th wheel. 

I would appreciate your views suggestions.

Thanks ,Jim

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Cowdog353, I too have a Ram dually 2003, 2wd., pulling a 19,000 lb. Alfa. Original equipment tires were Goodyear Wrangler something or other and I got 62,000 miles out of them. When I replaced those, I went back with the same tire because I liked the 62,000 miles and the price was high for being Goodyears. I struggled to get 46,000 out of them. Then went with Firestone TransForce HT. Cheap and I got 46,500 out of them, so I felt I was ahead somewhat. I considered Michelins then but they were priced fixed in the San Antonio area at the time. After hearing the mileage folks were getting out of Michelins, after the Firestones wore out I broke down and went with "Bib", the Michelin Man. Well I worked to get 47,000 out of them. We were in Montana at the time I was going to replace the Michelins and it was fun at the tire shops. The LTX which I was running had a 70,000 mile tread warranty on them. Reading up on Michelins at that  time, they were discontinuing the LTX and bringing out a "new tire. The shop had the new tire and several LTX's in stock. Counter guy showed me both and the only thing new was the name change and tread warranty dropped to 50,000. We both had a good laugh and he would only honor the 70,000 mile warranty on a another set of Michelins. Thanks, but no thanks! Then off to Costco. They would only honor the warranty on Michelins or Bridgestone's. The guy did say that "we have several piles of LTX warranted tires that wore out before the 70.000 mile warranty and they had pro-rated them. Across the parking lot to Discount Tire.  I asked the counter guy what they had for the truck." I have the new Michelin', I smiled and he said "do you happen to have LTX's on there now"? "Yep, I do and I'm not continuing with Michelins". Will you pro-rate on another brand of tire"? "Absolutely, no problem". So I went with Yokahamas' and I do believe they will be taken off with the lowest mileage of everything I've run. Discount did pro-rate the Michelins at $45.00 a tire. Hopefully, the Yokahomas will make it back to Montana next summer and I am sure looking at Sailun.  I should also say that I have never had a problem, blowouts, broken belts, etc. with  any of the above mentioned tires. No alignment problems, they just wear out across the tread.  We use much the same roads every year, about the same empty running or hauling the fiver from year to year. I run 80 PSI when pulling and when empty 60 PSI.

 By the way, I do run Michelin XPS Ribs on our triple axle fiver. And have had excellent service out of them.

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I can only give a short term report but 3 months ago I had 275/70/18 Sailun Terramax tires installed on my 2012 F350 SRW 4x2. We are full timers and for now this is our only vehicle.  I decided on the tires because of the good reports on their ST tires like on our 2018 Montana fiver. So far I am very happy with the tires and the truck handles well with them. Time will tell on the mileage. Four tires installed with balance, new HD stems, and front end alignment was $694 including tax.

Fulltiming since September 1, 2010


2012 Ford F-350 PSD SRW Lariat Crew Cab


2012 Montana 3585SA

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