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  1. Staying close to base. My plans were to be well on my way to Alaska . Thinking about a Colorado mountain trip to escape the Texas heat. Going slow and looking /researching before I leap. Hope everyone is staying safe, us older folks need to be extra cautious. jim
  2. Is anyone having trouble with the EFS app? TSDlogistics fuel discount program? i have not been able to see any thing when I go to the price locator , show unable to access server and to try again. They had this problem before but I thought it was fixed. Jim
  3. Thanks, I think the latch will work well.
  4. Any tips on keeping doors closed on residential fridge while traveling. thanks, jim
  5. I've used it twice so far and it's on the up and up. Just wish this virus stuff was not happening as I would love to do some traveling. Just read all the info about the program it's not tricky but you need to understand what is offered . I like it and wish that it covered many more truck stops. Jim
  6. One other thing I've noticed is that when it stops I don't think the pump is loading up.The slide just slows and stops. Jim
  7. Yes appears to be squared. Will measure next time to be sure. Thanks again for the reply Jim
  8. Checked fluid level, was ok. Sometimes slide work as it should other times moves for a short distance then slows and stops. I've tried it with other slides in and or out, no avail. After trying several times it will work as it should, still scratching my head. Thanks for all the leads, help. jim
  9. Ahah! Never crossed my mind. Thanks will give it a check. thanks jim
  10. I have a 2008 Excel 5er. The kitchen slide is getting more and more difficult to extend "out". The bedroom and living room slides work well along with the landing gear. When I try to extend the kitchen slide I sometimes have to switch between in and out before it travels the intire length. The hydraulic pump runs ok. When it starts to move out it may move a foot or so then stop, the pump continues to run. I do not see and obstruction or binding being a problem. Eventually the slide extends out the way it should, but it may take several attempts. I have never worked on this type of system. Any ideas. I am thinking maybe a solioid or valve not opening completely? Any sugestions? thanks Jim
  11. Other things to consider about number of channels you are recieving. The gain of the antenna does make a difference, interference from other devices, obstructions such as trees and buildings. One factor could be the number of connections between antenna and the TV, each connection loses about 1db of signal strength. Finally the difference in brands of TV' s will do a better job of amplfiling the signal. Lots of variables to consider. Hard to compare apples to apples! Good luck, Jim
  12. Thanks to all for the responses . I have been able to log in using a windows based tablet, I was using a older iPad before. Found the the timer was set on 30 min instead of the 2 hours that I had set before. Must have defaulted to the 30 min setting at some time. Now using the timer set to shutdown at 1 hour and 59 min and restart 1 min later. All is well thanks again jim
  13. Cowdog353

    Smart broke down

    Could this be flood related. Where are you located?
  14. It appears that the 2 hrs shutdown time frame is no longer in effect. I have tried to log into the att admin website, site has changed. Unable to access area to see time frame schedules and website does not look as it did before. Appears that using a timer to shutdown and restart unit is not longer a viable option. anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanks jim
  15. I think mine is very sick. Shuts down radomly, for no reason. I have had it on a 2hour timer for months and it has worked well. My queston is what options do I have as I don't think anyone can buy mobley unit as a replacement. Thanks for your help Jim
  16. Had same problem with friends trailer, was a problem with the ignightor spacing. If you don't have experience with heaters and trailers it would be best to get professional help. Where are you located and what temps outside are you having. Wish I could be of more help. Jim
  17. When you said you switched tanks, was that by using the switch/valve at the tanks? Are you positive that the new tank is full? If you have not done so already, switch out the tanks manualy ( meaning swap tank position with each other., moving the known empty tank to the other side and installing the "new" tank to empty tank position.)This will tell you if your switch over valve is good or bad. Good luck Jim
  18. Custer , SD,. Durango Co area, West Yellowstone, Mt. All have lots of things to do. Many activities, or just hanging around to enjoy the wildlife and cooler weather. Only drawback was major hail damage to truck and 5 er in South Dakota. Still a nice stay.
  19. You maybe should add where you are and your route and dates in your planned trip around thanksgiving. Would help for someone to possibly meet make a deal. Just a thought. Jim
  20. try to remove the LNB and hold it/ point it towards the dish. Holding it as near the same distance as when it's in its fixed position. You should see 101 at some point. Will tell you if it's a bent arm problem. I've done this before. Hope this helps. Jim
  21. Nice discription. What size holding tanks does it have . Thanks, Jim
  22. Anyone else have any problems with the burner tubes? Seems like I have gone thru several,. I use the grill a lot and clean the sides often but not after every use. thanks, jim
  23. Some must reads in my opinion are Handybob.com. And Jack Mayer articles. These are a few lots of info out there. I agree with last post. Lot of variables to consider. jim
  24. Yes turn at the fire house then about 9-10 miles to spring creek
  25. Part of the road is gravel. Gets a few wash board places as season goes by. I had a35' 5th wheel with Ram dually, no problems. Road was gravel in campground but individual campsites were dirt/grass. I believe they were going to gravel sites but don't know if they did or not. Call ranger station in West Yellowstone and they can up date you . I really enjoyed the area.
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