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Winter preparedness


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  This what I did for cold weather camping. This is after our gray water valve happened to leak last winter and frose. I had a cap on the end so critters would not go up the drain line. And to keep it from making a mess on the ground.

 Where we were I had to use a masserator to pump black water, but the gray would drain on it own.during warm weather. But my wife had surgery and we had to hang out in Montana for two weeks for approval to leave from the surgeon.


 So I went out to pump waste. Snow on the ground and maybe some wind so not having fun. Cap would not come loose. The cap had a hose drain fitting so that came off. Oooooo     Noooooo iceeeeeee.


So I had some commercial heat tape left from a job many years ago so I installed the heat tape and covered the pipe with old coats and what ever I could find to insulate the pipe. I do not remember how long I left it there but it finally would work.


 So I finally did the insulation as in the picture. Notice the plug end above the 3" drain. This is just in case I spend more time in cold weather. It still needs sealed and painted. But that problem is solved.


  Just a thought,    Vern



      Just a thought.

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Nice, I currently have a skirt but it wont help if Im travelling underway in freezing weather (as it happened to me a couple years ago).  Ive considered insulating but without a heat source, not sure how long before the exposed pipes would freeze.  Im thinking of adding a couple small 12v tank heater pads before insulating as well.  Thankfully Im stationary for this winter, so I wont be undergoing this task soon.

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 This photo went in to space I guess.

 I had to go get it again.



 so this is what the outlet area looks like. I may never need it again. But if you do and are laying in snow trying to thaw it out.

You may think of me saying so.


 Stay warm.  Verm

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 Yes. It is permanently installed. I have installed 2" of styrofoam on most of the exposed steel on the fifthwheel 5 years ago. It is glued tight to the frame then the white exterior that you see is fiberglass reinforced plastic. Then painted with 3m undercoating.

 Also I made sure I can still get to the waste valves if needed.

 I did build a cover for our macerator pump also. It is for when it sits on the ground. Just in case there is a cold spell that no one told me about.


 Safe Travels,.   Vern

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