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Repair Cost - Accessory Drive and Fuel Pump Volvo D12 (update)


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This is to update the latest on this subject -- California prices...

Same components as Trey's (see his post in 2015), total for us comes to about DOUBLE -- $3600:

  • $107 - Regulator control
  • $191 - Fan
  • $40 - Gasket
  • $575 - Fuel Pump kit
  • $973 - Accessory driving device
  • $1886 -- parts total

Labor was 4 hrs diag + 4 hrs to repair ($1400); total = $3286 (excl. tax & other shop charges, approx. $500)

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And it gets worse --- the fuel pump (kit) is on back-order, they've escalated via "VOR" to Sweden, so far no ETA,,, so, we be stuck until "who knows when".  So, off to parts "scavengers" and Google; found a couple possible sources, both on the east coast, closed until Monday so I will "chill" until then; sure would like to have someone useful to holler at (besides the poor sap that ran my RO)!

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GOOD NEWS update:

Stewed in my juices overnight, then Saturday morning, revisited Google search results and Trey's references...

Premium Truck Parts, in Toledo, OH (shows is Google search),Volvo Fuel Pump Kit 85104373
Core: Core Add On - $126.00

Called Trey's Denver reference, they referred me to local Volvo dealer (he's a diesel guy, not specifically a Volvo shop);

Called Syverson's in MN and the parts guy was extremely helpful; he did a search that revealed nearly a dozen Volvo shops across the country showing inventory of the needed fuel pump kit, including TEC-Seattle (a branch of the one holding us hostage), and Western Truck Center (Volvo shop in West Sacramento).  This guy was so helpful, he'll be my go-to-person if ever such a parts shortage happens. Needless to say, we drove to Sac, picked up the part and delivered it to Oakland for them to complete the job (finalized on Wed), and we left for our "summer" journey on Thursday!

TEC-Oakland was appropriately embarrassed and apologetic about the parts SNAFU, and kept the cost down to the original estimate despite extra work they did to confirm the diagnosis (they did share that the gauge showed lacking fuel pressure, despite intermittent alerts to that effect).

IF EVER you get stuck lacking such a critical part, consider doing your own search.  Another saving grace was getting a copy of the parts list before we learned of the back-order issue.

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corrected location of Premium Truck Parts
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