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  1. Fully custom 45ft fifth wheel by Continental Coach / Forks RV. Rivals the finest bus conversions with build quality, fit and finish, technology and durability.This is Continental Coach's finest model, the Elegance, not just a Continental Coach (which was the base model).This unit has a front master suite and a rear bedroom that was built to easily convert to an office or bonus space. It currently has three bunks.Entire coach is in natural solid walnut and floors are composite tile. Woodwork is stunning.Coach is 100% diesel/electric (no propane). Diesel generator, highest capacity Oasis Hydronic furnace w/ unlimited hot water PLUS entire unit has heated floors via plumbed radiant hydronic heat as well. 50 gallon diesel tank mounted between axles. We have lived in the unit down to -26 degrees on the mercury (not windchill), with no extra insulation or skirting, and no freezing problems.Coach has 3 brand new 12k torsion axles that drive/ride like a dream. This upgrade was completed in October for $25,000.Unit has 6 slides: Two in main living area, two in master suite and two in rear bedroom/office/bonus room.Coach has full bus style storage all around with secure solid aluminum swing doors.It is hard to express how big and solid this coach is until you see it. This unit is SOLID; no shaky floors or shaking in the wind.We chose to avoid a big swirly paint job and instead opted for a subtle fade in two gray/bronze colors. Everyone compliments the paint job.Camper is $159,000 negotiable. 2007 Freightliner M2106 truck pictured is also available separately for the additional cost of $55k.One owner; always meticulously maintained.CANNOT be pulled by a pick-up truck, average loaded weight 31k.All options; no expense spared. Three ducted AC's with heat pumps, fiberglass plus reflective insulation, dual pane windows. full awnings, separate washer and dryer, electrical power management system, remote door lock, auto level jacks, residential fridge with inverter, brand new coach batteries, direcTV auto satellite, etc.This unit was briefly featured on the TV show "Extreme RV's"Upgrades include new carpet, all 3 AC/heat pumps replaced with high-efficiency units, all new axles, totally new brakes (calipers, rotors, pads and lines) and new batteries.Can arrange 1 year of tech support from a previous Forks service tech.DO NOT CONTACT TO CONSIGN OR OFFER TO ASSIST IN SELLING. See ad on RVT or RVTRader for more pics and video.
  2. I am having some problems with my truck, got it back from the shop and all was well for 68 miles. I stopped 2 miles from my home at the local quickie mart. Got back in the truck and it wouldn't start. Then waited, tried again. no start. Jumped out and jumped the solenoid and it started up for the last 2 miles home. In the driveway I waited and tried it again - no start. Graphic screen goes black. jumped and started up. I finally got it to start up again after jumping the solenoid, and I finally got an error code on the display that stated DIRECTION INDICATOR FRONT. No other errors have popped up, and if I stay on the starter a bit longer it will start up. Just feels like there is something wrong. Also when out to do jump at the solenoid something is buzzing in the engine compartment. Can get a video if that helps. Thanks all
  3. 2007 Volvo VNL 670 For Sale $25,000 Price D12 Volvo Motor Eaton 10 speed 712,930 miles Work station/ Dinette New tires New exhaust New Batteries Just serviced Very nice condition No leaks Everything works We bought this truck in California April of 2012 with 696,758 miles on it. We negotiated with the Volvo dealer to have the truck inspected by Cummins running the truck on their dyno, having all the fluids analyzed and had their top technician inspect every item and system on the truck and Volvo would repair all the issues that were found. This made the truck mechanically excellent 16,172 miles ago. Any small issues that came up since then were handled by a Volvo dealer. No one other than a Volvo dealer has ever touched this truck since we owned it. All of the smog equipment is in place and functioning. Contact- Tracy Green (925)381-0377 tgreen2348@gmail.com The truck is currently in Livingston TX
  4. I have a 1999 VNL 610. Just installed heated massaging seats. Prepared to run new circuit but wondering if anyone has found the wiring harness that would have powered the seats? Truck did not come with heated seats so maybe they never ran the wires though my "Circuit Hound" seems to indicate that there is a wire under the floor pad at the back of the seats near the opening for the air line. Thanks, Roy 1999 VNL 610 2005 Teton 40' Forester Grand
  5. We are making big changes this year and are slowing down our adventures as we become seasonal campers down in Silver City NM! We'll still travel some, mostly in the winter happily! Our trustworthy Volvo "Gar" is now going up for sale . We just placed our ad in the "RV's, Tows, and Toads for Sale " section of the Escapees forum. 2001 Volvo VNL 64T660 singled long and setup for several deck bed toys with a lifting bed. Please see our ad for more information. THANK YOU ALL! - Steve
  6. 2001 Volvo VNL 64T660 Customized as a private truck for pulling heavy 5th Wheel RV's! with a lifting bed designed for Smart Car- Can Am Spyder or RZR900 $39,500 OBO. Full History since this truck left fleet service at 535k. Truck now has 624k and has been enjoyed by three Escapee RV'ers and is ready for the next. Previous Owners may be contacted with advanced permission required. The tires were just replaced in the Spring of 2018 with 6 new all position tires. Air conditioner has been replaced (2015) and annual inspections have been done as well. Interior improvements were done by 2L Custom, includes a trucker fridge, microwave, overnight sink & RAM computer swiveling work table. Large and tall drom box, 6500 QD Generator, 3000W Inverter, 100W solar panel w/ controller keeps batteries topped off, custom bed by 2L Custom Trucks. Henry S upgraded and installed the ET Hitch System (2014) and the truck has the Jackalope Conversion System. There are three 12' loading ramps 2k rated from Discount Ramps (Loading deck lift is designed for a Can Am Spyder). My wife Robin and I are downsizing to become seasonal campers and travelers looking for a smaller rig now. "Gar" (previously named "Joy Rider") has been awesome and is ready to keep on work'n for several more owners before it ever gets close to an overhaul. More details, dimensions & pictures available as well. contact me at 520-405-9125 or email me at stippey47@gmail.com Additional photos on this outside link. https://www.racingjunk.com/Tow-Vehicles/183942372/Private-RV-Hauler-Conversion.html#10
  7. Posting this since it is a manual, and I need an automatic. I do not know seller or the truck. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2281009518877815/?ref=messenger_banner Seller's Description Very nice truck 800,000 miles deleted Cummins 13 spd fridge TV inverter tri pac apu like new tires and brakes truck needs nothing ready to go to work. Only reason for selling is I bought a pre elog. Seller's name is Greg Larson.
  8. Time for us to downsize... At 542,000 miles our Volvo conversion with the garage has served us well. As attaching photo files here is very challenging I ask you to either mail me at jayslaptop@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588/?multi_permalinks=536010363477689&notif_id=1539042091918724&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic #425, 501, eight five three zero. Thank you for your interest, Jay
  9. Clean, clean, clean No smoking, no pets 465 D12 engine 13 speed manual transmission Custom deck with tool boxes plus ramps Made to haul Smart Car or side-by-side Tandem axle Bunk sleeper Trailer Saver air ride hitch Tires like new Full air ride suspension $35,000 obo Cash only Call (520) 393-9416 Currently located 20 miles south of Fargo, ND VIN: 4V4NC9GH96N412205 Mileage: 694,500 Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image.
  10. Is there a good place to research a Volvo VNL, similar to Carfax? Thanks in advance -Bob
  11. This is to update the latest on this subject -- California prices... Same components as Trey's (see his post in 2015), total for us comes to about DOUBLE -- $3600: $107 - Regulator control $191 - Fan $40 - Gasket $575 - Fuel Pump kit $973 - Accessory driving device $1886 -- parts total Labor was 4 hrs diag + 4 hrs to repair ($1400); total = $3286 (excl. tax & other shop charges, approx. $500)
  12. It's been some time since we have updated... First we worked on the power panel by the entry door, this is a modular panel and laid out and functions much like aboard a large yacht. Since the overall interior is small all control and switching functions are carried out on the panel, almost every switch is also a breaker. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image. There is an inset shelf at the bottom of the power panel with outlets to charge cell phones etc. Back side of power panel is accessible because whole wall is on hinges Click For Full-Size Image. The galley itself is all custom except the obvious appliances. The fridge is a 110v 11 cu ft. Whirlpool works very well off of our 400w of solar and 4 house batteries, Morning and evening top off with the Honda though the Trimetric is never below 50% in the morning. The drawer boxes are 1/8" tig welded aluminum to maximize internal space. The drawer slides are hold-in type RV slides, they have worked well. Not evident in the picture above is the plenum/atrium area above the galley that has yacht portlights into the footwell of the sky deck above. The barrel front cabinets feature steam bent oak rails top and bottom. Click For Full-Size Image. The ports open to allow hot galley air out. The counter is granite, the round sink is quite deep. The wall behind is tiled now. The seat next to the fridge door is in front of the closed rear slide out. When the rear slide is out the plywood base of the queen bed folds down behind it. The Dinette slide out was a big project. The area under the seats must accommodate a lot of stored stuff for preparing a huge dinner party we do each year with friends at a get together, some is accessed by removing the bottom cushions, some you open the doors and comes out on 200lb slides. The table removes and stores behind the seat back. A brace fits in the wall latch for the table top to secure the 2x3ft parrot cage when we are rolling, sockets on the floor of the dinette take screw down clamps to lock in the cage. The shades are double honeycomb hex cell shades for their insulating value in direct sunlight. The walls and ceiling are covered in a foam padded vinyl. All the wood started as solid oak lumber and was cut, sawn/milled/thickness planed and routed to size and shape. Click For Full-Size Image. It's been fun doing all the different types of work. Next project, the little bathroom.
  13. Hi Everyone! I am looking to see if anyone has any advice or has been through this before. I have noticed that my truck gets warmer than I think it should when pulling hills. I start watching the temperature gauge slowly climb while going up a hill to the point is turns on the "check" light as in the pic below. This only happens when pulling long grades with an outside temp over 75 degrees. Once or twice, it has warmed up as far as to trigger the "stop" light and displayed "engine coolant temp too high". but, mostly it just gets to the warning in the picture and stays there, then when I crest the hill, the temp comes back down and the light goes out. AS you can see in the photo, the temp gauge is nearing the red line. I have had it to the local dealership on 3 occasions to try to figure this out. It leaves no codes in the computer for them. They have replaced the temperature sensor and the fan clutch, but this is still happening. I have asked them about whether I should replace the radiator or the water pump? they say that those rarely go bad, and they don't think that they are the problem. I even went so far as to take the truck hooked to the camper to have a tech ride with me with the computer hooked up....of course that turned out to be a beautiful, cool, 68 degree day and no matter how hard I ran the truck up hills, it would not heat up at all ( of course...). They did ride along and confirmed the temperature gauge was reading correctly, so they ruled out a malfunctioning gauge. ... the following week we went to the beach and it heated up again... I am at a loss and have no idea where to turn. I am worried the truck could shut down somewhere, or It will run hot and cause damage...any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I have been dealing with this situation for nearly 2 years now...
  14. SOLD 1999 Volvo VNL610 64T Asking $30,500 750,000 miles Engine and Transmission: Cummings n14 celet plus; HP 435/525; 10-speed auto shift. Professionally maintained. Exterior: Full custom paint. Rear Deck: Custom built rear deck with integrated top and side storage boxes. Room to carry a side-by-side, smart car, or motorcycle. Tires:295/85/22.5 drive tires are new as of last year; fronts are good and have a solid 50% tread left. Interior: Completely reupholstered interior with all new oak cabinetry and “driver air-suspension” seats for both driver and passenger. Interior set-up includes refrigerator, microwave, television, and a 2000-watt inverter Location: Truck is located in Medford, Oregon, and titled as a motorhome in Oregon. Non-smoker. This is a great truck and the best on the market for the money. For detailed photos click on the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tmTn1CDCGvoEzA4u9 Call for any questions or more details; Shawn 541-601-7776
  15. SOLD 2003 Volvo VNL610 Asking $38,500 (Note: I will deduct $2,000 if Motorcycle lift is not included with sale) 633,700 miles D12 Engine-465hp 10 speed Easton auto shift Easy pedal clutch Singled Long-accommodates smart car with hitch adjustment Exterior: Custom paint. Rear Deck: Custom built rear Deck is ¼” steel sheet. Two 60 inch toolboxes have always been bone dry and do not leak. Built to carry a golf cart, a smart car, or motorcycle. Currently set up with a Rampage motorcycle lift-system for easy load and unloading. Tires: Excellent condition, Fronts less than 10<00 miles and rears less than 3,000 miles. No rot. Rear camera on the back of cab mounted on “headboard.” Interior: Completely reupholstered with “driver air-suspension” seats for both driver and passenger. A custom Jack-knife RV style bench seat installed with DOT approved seat belts installed. Folds down for a bed. Custom cabinets and storage installed. Interior has factory upgraded teak wood door panels and upper storage cabinet fronts. Brand new Alpine stereo system with Blue-tooth and hands-free phone Always stored inside a heated shop. Misc: 3 brand new batteries installed 1 month ago; Fully serviced less than 200 miles ago and ready to go across the country. Location: Truck is located in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, and titled as a motorhome in Idaho. (45 minutes from Spokane airport) Non-smoker and no pets. This is a great truck and excellent way to enter the HDT world. Only a lifestyle change requires me to sell. For detailed photos click on the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ufdVkGGSZc1VdJyRA For more information or details: Email: djgallagher777@gmail.com Phone: 541-631-1172
  16. This is a basic battery question. It happens to be about our 2013 Volvo also, but the answers would apply to batteries in general. Just one of a few threads I found: The dealer tested the batteries 750 amps. Any time we climbed in the truck it always started and no problems I could tell. Someone may have left a switch on last weekend. Today it will only turn over once then stops. I plugged in the shore power and turned on the inverter. (It was not plugged in all winter but started every 2 or 3 weeks and run for 15 minutes or so) Hoping the inverter can bring the batteries up. The battery cables had corrosion that was cleaned off last fall. Today I noticed the corrosion is back and a bit worse than it was. Both positive and negative terminals. question: Now that the charge on the batteries has been drained does that mean they won't hold a charge anymore? I'm not sure when they were installed. 2013 VNL 450K miles.
  17. There are two 2011 Volvo 730s with Smart Car beds for sale at Kansas RV Ctr. These units are on consignment so I would think that some price negotiations are in order.
  18. Selling our 2017 Volvo 42T780, D13 Engine, I-Shift Transmission, Factory Singled. Registered in Alaska as a Motorhome and stored inside when not in use. 33K (33,000) miles, AliArc Bumper, Herrin Bed, and ET Hitch. Buy here in Alaska and you can drive it home. $160,000.00 or OBO We are the original owners, ordering this Volvo. This vehicle has never been used Commercially. Seperately we will be selling our 2015 SMART Car and 2017 DRV Houston w/Solar System. If interested in a package deal for everything we can negotiate a final price.
  19. Unit is sold - 2009 Volvo 780 and 2011 Smart Volvo is a VNL780, I Shift (12 speed), 420,000 miles. It has twin 125 Gallon tanks, D16 engine at 525 HP, Double bunk sleeper (Bottom bunk converts into workstation), Diesel bunk heater, fridge, inverter and microwave. Licensed in Texas as a motorhome. White in color. New batteries Feb of 2018. New tires Mar 2016. Custom bed to haul Smart. Singled long with staircase to help with loading the Smart. Storage on both sides of bed. ET hitch and Jackalope. Hitch camera with extra wiring for three trailer cameras. Pressure Pro tire sensors. Onin 6K diesel inverter generator under left faring ($8000 new) – will generate 50 amp continuous. Smart is a 2011 passion coupe with 18,000 miles – Silver and Gray. We have decided to quit traveling as much and bought two houses to chase the weather. Currently located in Yuma AZ and will be moving to Coarsegold CA in about three weeks. Asking $69,000 OBO. Either PM or E-mail questions to wllane@walker-evelyn.com Could only upload two images.
  20. Browsing Craigslist while down in FL and came across this. Over 1 million miles. https://lakeland.craigslist.org/hvo/d/tractortrailer-2007-v0lv0/6528694189.html
  21. RV Hauler- Horse Totoer for sale - 1996 Volvo M11 Cummins! $31,400 $29,950 OBO I would be willing to take your pickup truck in trade it must be a full size truck! your truck in 25k cash.. lets see what you have? High and Low jake brake! 10 speed rockwell stick shift not an auto! miles 880,200 This is one of a kind turn key ready to go with a ton of new parts! Decked out with a full DVR cam system and 200 watts of solar! We have decided to come off the road and build a house. This truck is super safe and has tons of storage for its size,being a smaller M11 it is better on fuel then most. THIS RUNS LIKE A TOP! PERFECT ! - Oil change only has 600 miles on it fully greased and ready to go! - New tie rod ends both just replaced - Newer Turbo 7,000 miles on it - Newer Clutch 20,000 miles ago - New Starter 200 miles ago - CB - Newer 2 year old batteries that have been well taken care of with the solar toping them off every day! - Newer tires 2 years old with 4,000 miles on them ALL 6 TIRES REPLACED ! - New steering box 9,000 miles - New U joints and carrier bearing 800 miles on them - New windshield and rubber gasket! - newer flex exhaust pipe - Newer radiator core - The interior was redone 10 years ago.. - New shifter boot - 1,000 watt new power inverter with volt meter gauge mounted where you can see it. - Usb ports built in the dash! - NEW coolent change 600 mils ago - New 4 cam system DC runs the batteries and solar, tells you speed as well - Full size Sleeper -Dual Air ride seats -All new LED lights interior and exterior Things wrong with the truck - The passenger window does not work the motor is good, but the track needs to be replaced the part is cheap I just haven't had the time to do the job! - Needs a driver side window weather strip, again this part dose not cost much! -Windshield washer hoses need to be replaced, easy low cost fix. 30 amp charge controller so you can charge the 4 batteries on board with a switch on the fly no need to hook the batteries up at a rv park. I have all the receipts to show all of the additions made to the truck and all the maintenance done! I also have all the photos of the truck as it was being converted to a RV hauler. Air ride RV 5th wheel hitch $2,500 with NEW air bags.. Also comes with a goose neck adaptor! Custom RV hauler bed ALL ALUMINUM NOT LIKE MOST STEEL this bed will not rust! Big tool bays that DONT LEAK! Email if interested: RossDeprey@gmail.com Please no tire kickers CASH ONLY! I will NOT! finance this truck FOR YOU CASH ONLY!!! RV not included FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THE TRUCK GO TO THIS LINK! - http://www.thedepreys.com/truck.htm
  22. Stopped overnight at a Flying J and picked up a Trucks For Sale magazine......Thought this might interest some of you HDT folkks... 60 Volvos for sale with 60month / 5 year warrantee..... https://images41.fotki.com/v1661/photos/2/36012/8599305/IMG_20180208_073013909-th.jpg
  23. For Sale 2014 Volvo VNL780 - Registered as RV in Oklahoma 535,000mi D13 500hp 2,000 ft/lbs tq Automatic I-Shift 12 Speed Luxury Package - Two Tone Leather Seats, Upgraded Passenger Seat w/Air-Ride Controls Sleeper Cab with Bunk Bed above and Work Station Table that also converts into a bed ABS Air Brake System w/ Engine Braking Michelin Steer Tires and Rear Tires in Great Condition Twin 150 Gallon Fuel Tanks Axle Lockers, Hill Start Assist Jackalopee Conversion Box 2" Receiver Hitch Email for additional information: seth@acdcia.com $ 75,000.00 obo
  24. 2009 Volvo 730, i-shift automatic , 535.000 miles, full steel deck with 4 boxes, cruise , jake breaks, power windows, doors, mirrors, Air seats, fridge, microwave, workstation. New headlights (brighter) wheel balancers, sprayed liner on deck. ed jackalop, trailer saver air ride hitch . All filters and fluids changed Registered as motorhome.. Truck is in great shape. Original price asking $90,000. Dropped to &75,000. Now rock bottom reduced price at $70,000. I have many more pictures, so please contact if interested at davesuebanville@gmail.com .
  25. Thanks for all of the info and experience you have all posted on this forum, I've learned nearly everything I know about HDT Rv haulers from here. I'm up to page 95 of the 117 archived here. I have just purchased a 2000 Volvo that has a Cummins ISM mated to a Gen 1 Autoshift thats having problems. It shifts fine and engages into gear when its cold, after 10 minutes or so if it is taken out of gear it will not engage again. It didn't do it on my brief test drive, but the seller and his mechanic both describe the same problem. Seller says if truck is on slight incline and can roll just a little bit it will drop into gear, or if shifted into gear immediately after restarting the truck it will engage. My plan is to fuel the truck a few blocks away from the shop and drive it the 4hrs home without taking it out of gear. Any suggestions about what to do if i do get stuck unable to get the truck in gear on the way would be helpful. As the man said, no plan survives first contact with the enemy, lol. The sellers shop 4 hrs away where the truck is told me they contacted Eaton who told them Gen 1 was no longer supported and best course of action was to replace it with a manual. Eaton suggestion to try and fix the Autoshift was to put a harness and XY into it for about a 70% chance of resolving it. Their diagnostic computer wouldn't even recognize the transmission. He has a transmission shop in his area that said they could convert the trans to manual internally with sliders, bearings, etc. for about $300 in parts plus labor. Of course would still need a tower/shifter for the manual. I purchased it at a price reflecting a serious transmission problem, and have a friend who's been a tech at a local Peterbilt dealership for 30 years who will be fixing it. He's told me he has done 12-15 replacements of Gen1 Autoshifts with used manual transmissions due to the ongoing problems with the electronics on them. He feels throwing parts at the Gen 1 would not be a permanent fix as something else, or the same thing, is likely to break again later. He has been very clear that you cannot simply remove the harness, sensors and XY shifter and replace them with a manual tower and shifter, internal parts and clearances are different although the case and design are the same. Usually they have been OTR trucks purchased cheaply and being converted for use as vocational trucks of some sort. My tech says the other option is to replace all of the harness, TCM, XY shifter, etc. with Gen 3 parts thereby upgrading it to a Gen 3 and reprogram the ECM on the engine to be compatible with it. He feels the Gen 3 has proven to be a solid reliable system. Both options appear to be similar in cost, prob $4-6k. I have tried to read everything I can find here and on Google searches about Gen 1 Autoshifts (including that according to Eaton, they have all been field upgraded to at least Gen 1.5) and their problems, although hearing that Eaton was no longer supporting them was a surprise. Any knowledgeable advice regarding the path forward would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Robert
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