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Veteran ID Card will Finally Ship


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The article tells it all.


"Identification cards from the Department of Veterans Affairs' new program will be in the mail, on their way to veterans starting "tomorrow," VA officials said -- two months after they were initially scheduled to go out.

Officials said in January that approved veterans would start receiving the free printed cards in early March. But when March rolled around, printing was delayed to April. Now, a VA spokesman says the cards will be sent starting May 4.

"We expect to begin mailing cards in batches tomorrow to veterans whose applications have been reviewed and approved," Curtis Cashour told Military.com on May 3.

All honorably discharged veterans can apply for the ID card, which was ordered by Congress in 2015. The card, which is not an official form of federal ID and does not qualify veterans for any federal or military benefits, is meant to serve as proof of past military service at private businesses.

Veterans who hold other identification showing service, such as a military ID or VA health ID card, do not need to apply.

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About 90,000 veteran applications for the card have been received, Cashour said. Of those, 21,000 have been approved and are awaiting printing and mailing.

Veterans must apply for the card online. Card applications are not available at VA facilities.

The veteran ID card program has faced a series of delays and technical challenge since its November 2017 launch. A glut of applicants overwhelmed the system's server, and the application was put on hold for several weeks.

Since applications reopened early this year, users have complained that their service records are reported as "not found," even though they receive other VA benefits such as the post-911 GI Bill. Others complained that their military service branch was not listed on the application pulldown menu."

The full article with links is here: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/05/03/veteran-id-card-will-finally-ship-week-official.html

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I finally got my card a couple of days ago, and I can say that if they didn't try any harder, they couldn't have made it look any more like an unofficial government issued ID. Truly is pathetic, and I can't believe they made us wait 3 years to get this POS. It's like a video store rental ID card that in no way shape or form resembles a government issued ID card,  with a stamp on it that says "enttiles bearer to all discounts for veterans". It's pretty disrespectful what they came up with.

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 ordered by congress in 2015 and in 2018 they still have problems getting them mailed out. Typical for the V.A. 3 years to get a simple i.d. card printed and mailed out. 

just another reason I keep a far distance from the V.A. 

This should be the finest run government agency, because it serves the best United States has to offer. VETERANS


ok, I vented.

All done!



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