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Protecting external cable connections

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When it comes to protecting connections from oxygen and moisture, such as say where cables attach to a stud or bolt that's exposed to the elements (say for example ground on an RV frame, any cable connection that's exposed) over many years I have seen or used Red battery terminal spray protectant,,,,,,,,,,,,,Dieletric grease,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Covering all with silicone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Spraying clear coat from a rattle can,,,,,,,,,,,,,Liquid Tape.  With the red battery spray or grease it collects dirt n grime, silicone probably seals out oxygen and moisture (That's the goal) and I'm unsure how effective clear coat spray is.

I'm looking for opinions and what you gents like to use. I'm NOT asking about butt splices, crimps, soldering, heat shrink etc., just where cables attach to studs or bolts.   

Thanks in advance, best wishes n God Bless yall


John T

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Just recently got some gel wd40  I have put this on some connections as a test it comes out as a foam and lays out and stays put and covers the connection. so far seems to work. interesting stuff.

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Most products of a grease or pliable nature will wear off in time if exposed to weather or even more if under a vehicle and subject to road splash. I have used heat shrink tubing pretty successfully for splices and such but at the connection to the frame, it would not protect the bolt from rust at all. In that situation, I have used a good rubberized caulking material with reasonably good results. I often use it for screw heads where exposed to weather but I might need to remove them in the future. I also generally use stainless steel screws and bolts in such circumstances. On frame connections not exposed to abrasion, I have also used a high-quality metallic paint with pretty good results. 

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THANKS Ed and Kirk. Yep I often use Stainless Steel (or brass etc) hardware especially in external locations. Once all is clean bright n shiny with no oxidation, corrosion, contamination or other possible resistive or carbon deposits I prefer to keep moisture, oxygen and anything else THE HECK OFFFFFFFFFFF lol  

John T

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The USCG MK's on our diesel crew used permetex for the many remote start units they maintained.  Some of these sites they were transported to by helicopter.  



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