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Here’s How to Back Up Your Mac Now That Apple’s Done Making Routers


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Apple is really doing it.

"It’s official: Apple is getting out of the router business. There will be no new versions of the AirPort, AirPort Extreme, or Time Capsule.

Here’s Jon Fingas, writiing for Endgadget:

An Apple spokesperson told Engadget that the company would continue to provide hardware and software support (such as patching bugs and vulnerabilities), but the devices themselves will only be available “while supplies last.”

This makes sense: Apple’s offerings were priced as premium products despite being a few years removed from the cutting edge, and there is no shortage of great routers on the market right now.

But there’s one feature no other router can match: dead simple network-based Time Machine backups. Support for the macOS backup system is important to Mac users—what are they supposed to do now? Here are a few options."

Thosde options and more are in the original article here:



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I've always used an external hard drive with Time Machine.  Not really a big deal and since the drives are cheaper than what Apple had, I'd bet a lot of Mac users did the same, which is why they are no longer going to make them.  Don't really see this as a big deal.

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I've got more than 1/2 doz ext drives that are mostly windows(just in case I ever get back there) and 2 1TB Time Machine BUs plus 1 High Sierra clone Ext SSHD that I can boot up from. I did restore a drive some time ago from Time Machine but read a recent Mac Forum thread about a possible problems with time machine so started cloning once a week to the above mentioned fast hybrid SSHD. I can either boot directly from the clone or do a quick install to the Imac for internal use. I'm really considering switching my "new" 500gb SSD for a 1 TB Hybrid so I can have the room to re-install windows with boot camp.  It might possibly not be the best decision though as in the past after many Apple and Windows updates Windows finally just gave up the ghost. I surely do miss that OS though.

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Ron we do a lot the same. I have many drives too but that can be a curse as I have not taken the time to inventory much more than what computer and date I took them out for archival use. I have so many duplicate pictures, music and images from so many machines I end up just using one for each current machine. I use only Thermaltake BlacX 5G drive docks, as many other USB3 cheap brands fail or are unreliable.

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Exactly. Except for the current OS bootable clone, everything is just in case I want to remember some program to copy to new and then re-install. Images and music is a total wreck but I don't have to look far to find a folder that will play non-stop pretty much all day to ease my terribly conflicted computer mind. With all of that said, there is another computer nut in the neighborhood who has started uploading music from the good years  (1950 forward) and it seems he has many I have not even thought of for a long, long time but are really familiar as soon as they start playing.

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My music folder alone is 134GB, I just checked. We've more than 30,000 cuts from the 1930s to current. I have all the CDs physically if I want full fidelity, even so I ripped them over a month to MP3 best quality 320 kbps. FLAC and other lossless formats take too long and like I said, I have the original LPs and CDs.

I have every top ten hit from 1950 to 2000. And most of the crooners from Bing and Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and on and on. I also have a lot of the big band swing music from 1930-1950 or so. Then all the early DooWop and then from 1955 on it is 95% rock/Soul/Hard Rock/Metal/Punk/Pop/Progressive Jazz and 5% country/Christmas albums/Cajun Zydeco/Blues.

I love Motown, 60s folk and soft Rock, well everything good.

My phones each have 128GB micro SD Cards with about 95GB of music and room for a downloaded movie or two. IT is amazing how long it takes to do that much to an SD card but compared to even 5 years ago it is lightning fast.

Whenever I download pictures from my Olympus 14 Mega Pixel 24X optical Zoom with stabilization they are HD and too large to email or post so every time I put them on my main system I create a "Reduced" folder inside the picture folder. I use https://www.bricelam.net/ImageResizer/

When I select a group of pictures and copy them into my reduced "folder in a folder," they stay selected and full size. Then I right click on them and select resize image and then how small I want them and it makes perfect reduced size pics that go from 1MB-2.5 MB reduced to 45k -200k depending on the size selected.

So I can upload them to Photobucket or One Drive and all my reduced pics are below the free threshold.

So since I copy my Pics folder/Music folder/favorites/downloads/downloaded programs from my old hard drive to each new computer I have had the old systems in the guest bedroom for safety until I am happy with my build of the new system. So I have all my new stuff when using my backup system while my main is at the manufacturer the few times I have needed that. So finding the few extra personal data in all the categories not passed along in the original transfer to the new system are now scattered over about six drives. I have one drive with every email from 2005 to current in Outlook express and I can access them in an old XP system I kept as a trade for my labor for fixing a customer's main system. I never wanted to pay 50 bucks for the only program I could find that would take OE files and transform them to MS Office Outlook files.

So I am just a weekend's work from checking and copying/erasing the drives. I have been putting it off too long. But right now we are selling our stuff in preparation for moving from Louisiana into a new house in Colorado. THen we have to set up house there and then I might get a Round Tuit.


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Wow! I really enjoy your posts. In 100 years I would never be that organized. Right now I'm getting ready to replace my pretty new 500 SSD with a 1TB SSHD(hybrid) so I can have enough room to install windows on this Imac. I would then have the 1TB with 2 partitions(one OS High Sierra and one Windows) and an SSD as a second drive to use with Time Machine backup. I have not had any real trouble with the Imac but just can't seem to let go of more than 30 years of MS DOS/Windows.

I used to have to reduce photo size for my Real Estate Appraisals so i could send them to the lenders but have not had an occasion to continue with the size problem. 

I don't know what part of Colorado you are moving to but one thing to remember is that your home will be a lot less work, especially in winter, if it faces south. Regardless of the amount of snow, it will melt fairly fast when the sun comes out unless you face north wherein it does not melt until a lot of warm weather. Of course I did not follow my own advice so bought a big John Deere snow blower that would blow the snow across our very wide streets onto the sidewalk and yards on the other side. No one complained though due to the fast melt from the south facing homes. We love/loved Colorado and still miss it.

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Yours too. I am retired military and have always been a neat nut since a toddler according to my mom and family. I tried a 1 TB Seagate hybrid drive and have not found them to be noticeably faster than my rust dives. I just pulled it our of my storage box and it is an ST 1000DX001 model number. The label large lettering says Desktop SSHD 1000 GB instead of 1 TB. I never paid attention but now wonder why they chose to ignore industry standards. SSD prices have dropped dramatically and I can get a Samsung EVo 3D or Crucial MX500 SSD now for between $200 and $250 when on sale: http://www.crucial.com/ProductDisplay?urlRequestType=Base&catalogId=10151&categoryId=&productId=2429001&urlLangId=-1&langId=-1&top_category=&parent_category_rn=&storeId=10151#reviewDetails

Anandtech did a great review of the Samsung EVO 360 which replaced the EVO350 and while the prices in the chart are too high by more than $100 it gived a great comparison of the Samsung Pro and the EVO 360 series. While I would love a Pro and can afford it simply don't need it.


Right now PC sales are a bit slow due to folks knowing that all used and new computers unless other wise stated have the hardware vulnerabilities in them with only workarounds that slow down the computer speeds. My advice when asked is to wait for the new Intel Chipsets without the Spectre flaw. Here is the Apple Insider article about it from an Apple viewpoint. They say "Spectre type flaw" instead of saying it is the same chipset as Windows and is the "Spectre flaw."   https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/05/09/spectre-style-intel-chip-vulnerability-disclosures-delayed-patches-not-complete-until-august

I am reading that new chipsets will not be in retail systems until late 2018. Of course that could change. My top line Dell XPS 2720 - i7 etc. is getting long in the tooth anyway so I'm going to be shopping for a new 27 inch all in one main system for me, and until 4 of my six systems systems systems have been replaced with new, I won't be giving my Significant Harassment of 45 years my hand me down systems. This one is quad HD 27" with both HDMI in and out so it has a Fore TV attached. Though Windows this system also has a thunderbolt connector which I never use. I am hoping for full 4k systems next year. 27" is perfect for me because I have Outlook on the right half of my 27" screen, and the remaining left half with the browser on top, and the TV tuner or streaming sling TV/Hulu in the bottom left. So this computer becomes my backup computer and the new main for me will be similar but 4k hopefully. THe other keeper will be the first Tablet that had all I wanted in a tablet the Venue 11 Pro. Full HD, full size USB 3 port, micro USB for charging, and best of all a user replaceable battery. The back cover just pops off. It is not nearly as fast as my Surface Pro 3 and 4 tablets, which will be gone too, but it is like the 8.9" FireHDX tablet I use for reading at night in bed. We are talking windows drive and computers here as well as Apple's selected Intel Chipsets, but i am becoming quite the Fire Tablet fan and have their first inexpensive full HD 10" 2017 Fire Tablet and it is lighter and just great, My SH uses the 2017 8" Fire HD in the kitchen and bed (it is not full HD like the others, but a nice 720p screen.) I tried the 10" inch new full HD for bed but find it not as handy in bed as the 8.9"HDX. THe 8.9" Fire HDX is still supported and can do Alexa manually, although I Like the 7" HDXs, I have two, one of my 7" Fire HDX tablets has 64GB internal storage and the other I am on now downloading a demonstration movie to. It has only 16 GB internal storage. The HDX was a high end attempt to compete with the iPad but it was too expensive. Now, the 10: full HD version with micro SD card slot is $149, but goes on sale regularly for $119.00. If you are part time RVing and have high speed Internet and are an Amazon Prime member, that new 10" Fire HD tablet has Alexa hands free too as it is several devices in one. I turn mt Echodots and Alexa able Fire tablets off when not in use so no eavesdropping is possible. I'm no target for direct attacks anyway. If you are a Prime member this is a real bargain https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J6RPGKG?tag=mh0b-20&hvadid=77996668644459&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_13oe8ewdft_e

NO I am not a sales guy for Amazon I do pass along sales I run into that are great here though as you know.


We are not moving to Colorado Springs or Denver because of groundwater contamination from past military and industrial uses. I just found this out yesterday so we are searching for Colorado cities towns with great broadband and high speed cable or fiber Internet, and clean water. If we can't find one we will start looking at place like New Hampshire or Vermont. Perhaps Utah, Oregon, or Washington States. We will see where in about the next month. I really wanted to move to the Springs. Any suggestions from other here are appreciated. We want out of the South for sure. I'd love to move to Vancouver but they only let in younger folks not retired because they have socialized medicine like every other first world country except the US.

Anyway, if you are near Louisiana I have a Seagate 1 TB for sale cheap. 😊

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