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  1. Just a suggestion but you might find checking out Steve Gibson's grc.com site for Spinrite. I've save many a HDD and or over the past couple of decades with this. Be sure to check out the user emails thanking Steve. He is one of the older/long time guys like Bill Gates and others of that early era. I think he still does his work in machine language.
  2. I'm just a tad late to the idea that DVDs are becoming ancient and USB drives are "the in thing". I already can't remember what is on which USB drive and I only have a half dozen.
  3. Good post Derek. I don't know if you ever post anything that I disagree with. I probably should have added that the only thing missing as far as you being able to do with Apple systems is "want to". With that "want to", no doubt in my mind, you would be up to speed with Apple as well as PC. I think it's a little different mind set but no more difficult, just new. I haven't bought much in the past nearly decade as I no longer have the "need". However, you do make life a little difficult for me as you talk about all these goodies. It makes my, mostly buried, "want" try to raise it's ugly he
  4. I just ran across this thread and "had" to join it for a few comments. Derek, I can tell you and others that are fairly well conversant with PCs that I have found out recently anyone familiar with MS systems can become just as conversant with Mac stuff in short order. The difference is not much more than visual as far as I am concerned. The front glass is held on with magnets. The monitor behind it is held on with 4 screws and you have 4 cables to unplug and you are inside. There are many multiple ways/videos to walk you step by step to get anything done inside that you might want d
  5. Wow! I really enjoy your posts. In 100 years I would never be that organized. Right now I'm getting ready to replace my pretty new 500 SSD with a 1TB SSHD(hybrid) so I can have enough room to install windows on this Imac. I would then have the 1TB with 2 partitions(one OS High Sierra and one Windows) and an SSD as a second drive to use with Time Machine backup. I have not had any real trouble with the Imac but just can't seem to let go of more than 30 years of MS DOS/Windows. I used to have to reduce photo size for my Real Estate Appraisals so i could send them to the lenders but have not
  6. Exactly. Except for the current OS bootable clone, everything is just in case I want to remember some program to copy to new and then re-install. Images and music is a total wreck but I don't have to look far to find a folder that will play non-stop pretty much all day to ease my terribly conflicted computer mind. With all of that said, there is another computer nut in the neighborhood who has started uploading music from the good years (1950 forward) and it seems he has many I have not even thought of for a long, long time but are really familiar as soon as they start playing.
  7. I've got more than 1/2 doz ext drives that are mostly windows(just in case I ever get back there) and 2 1TB Time Machine BUs plus 1 High Sierra clone Ext SSHD that I can boot up from. I did restore a drive some time ago from Time Machine but read a recent Mac Forum thread about a possible problems with time machine so started cloning once a week to the above mentioned fast hybrid SSHD. I can either boot directly from the clone or do a quick install to the Imac for internal use. I'm really considering switching my "new" 500gb SSD for a 1 TB Hybrid so I can have the room to re-install windows wi
  8. Makes me glad I've had Derek in my past. I've got backups and clones that have nothing to with Apple hardware or procedures. They are, though not exactly, related to Windows protection backups and images.
  9. Thanks a lot. My resistance to spending is wavering. I "did" have it under fairly good control. I'm going to give the glasses a shot. I had cataract surgery with super results the very next day. Unfortunately the following days I was back to normal. My eyes have deteriorated since also. I think the glasses at various spots around the house will make it a little easier.
  10. I used the Timex until 1978. Haven't had a watch since although I have to admit these "smart watches" are pretty tempting. My biggest problem is the size of the print. The ol' eyes just aren't what they used to be and glasses are just to doggone unhandy for me.
  11. I'll take a look at that. I've been such a windows fan for so long I even had my Mac HD split with windows on half and the Apple OS on the other half. It seemed as though, after many, many updates to both Mac and Windows that the updates finally broke the Bootcamp Windows partition and I haven't had Windows for over a year and surely miss it. Too cheap to buy the less than quality systems I see for sale for the most part.
  12. Good to hear. It's all easy for some.(not me) I am curious as to why she wants to format a dos drive for a Mac if you should find out please post. I used to be an "expert" on Dos hard drives for over 20 years. I actually scoffed at all those amateurs talking backups and such. Then one year about 20+ years of being an expert I finally started backing up after my 3rd hard drive loss in one year with no prior backup. Still don't know why they died. I am skeptical of anyone calling themselves "expert" when it comes to computers. Certainly don't scoff any more and I do backups and clones.
  13. I came back to complain about my daily "good deed" being a waste of time. If his kin have 15 years of Apple stuff they will easily put me to shame. lol NOW I have to find something else that might help someone today. I've been on this Escapee forum since early 2000s loving all the help everyone is willing to give so freely. I remained on this computers and hardware site when I sold the Beast because of you and your particular mindset re computers. I'm serious though about finding most any answer about almost anything on Youtube. I only figured that out in recent years due to my in-e
  14. I should probably add that I've been a Microsoft guy since 1994. I bought this Imac for my wife in 2010. I've had it for me for two years now and learned quite a bit.(I'm still a windows guy with no windows). A good way to get Mac info is to search the Mac forums. The are a great help. The other way is to put your question into Youtube. I can't remember not finding a video to show me just how to do whatever I want to do there.
  15. When you get into the Mac Disk Utility you should set up a single partition and then use the "erase" to get to the choice of "Mac OS Extended and Guid" are two of options at that point as well as a naming option. On the Mac: 1 . Click Launchpad 2 . Click on Disk Utility 3 . When Disk Utility opens click on the "new" HD 4 . Click on "erase" near top of Disk Utility 5 . 3 options pop up 6 . Top of options = "Name", Middle = "Mac OS extended (Journaled)", Bottom = "Guid Partition Map". There are some Fat(Fat 32, MSDos(FAT) options de
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