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On 1/28/2018 at 11:33 AM, RNF03 said:

Need place to store RV and car from end of August to end of October around Los Angeles, CA.  Please suggest safe locations.  Thank you.

..".....around Los Angeles, CA"""""

Kirk's question is a good one.  Is the storage to be close to the airport, or?  Most likely, you will be a long distance from the city of Los Angeles (metro) area..

Look at a So. CA map - you will need to go North of the San Fernando Valley - which is still part of the city/county of Los Angeles) and  into Orange and/or Riverside Counties.  even then, be prepared for "sticker shock"!!

The options of even a greater distance are good also - consider cities/areas close to Ontario Airport, then commute (bus or commuter flight from Ontario) to LAX. The same would apply to the Northern part/s of L.A. County - commute from Burbank airport.

"Safe" -  probably does*not* include any cities with storage close to LAX - (if there are any).  "Upscale"  (nice areas) won't have any.  "Shaky" areas are just that.

Hopefully somebody who has been there & done that will chime in.  I only lived in the (nice) areas for many years - fortunately, no storage was necessary.







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