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US 24 from Vail to Colorado Springs

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We are starting to think about our summer travels and will be spending time in Rifle Colorado and then go on to Colorado Springs.  I like to stay off the interstate as much as possible and am considering US 24 from west of Vail two Colorado Springs.  The Mountain Guide talks about 4 climbs but doesn't mention any thing too scary.  Have any of you driven 24 from Vail through Leadville to Colorado Springs and what do you think?  We will be towing a 40' 5th with a Sportchassis.  Thanks in advance, Dick

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You should have no issue Dick. I've done all those routes many times with my 45' 5er and 30' truck. They are all good roads as long as you are not afraid of mountain passes. Coming from the West I usually go up Tenessee pass just West of Vail. Nice drive. Or you can take 9 on the east side of Vail and go through Breckenridge. Going up Hoosier Pass out of Breckenridge to hook up to 24 is actually a harder set of switchbacks. But it is a short climb through the steeper parts. You would take 9 to 285 then hook up to 24 going East into the Springs. We summer in Woodland Park on 24.

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