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Volvo 610 Upper Fairing Mount Holes - Water?


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Woohoo!  Brought our new to us, first time in the deep end (dark side) 2000 Volvo 610 home today.  Bought it needing some work, took it straight to the truck shop, had it taken care of and now it's almost ready to go.  Needs some serious elbow grease inside and out as it was a rodeo rig - still has hay, arena dirt and bovine exhaust, etc. attached.  It has a C7 Air Ride Hitch for gooseneck that doesn't appear to be in production any longer so no info.  Toyhauler has a 5th Airborne pin box, so researching whether to go ET hitch, TS hitch or convert trailer pin box to gooseneck and use existing air hitch. 

I keep thinking "Holy Crap!  We bought a semi!"  Wife is totally on board though, she's been more skeptical of our F350's ability to pull - and stop - it, than I have been. Took the fiver and F350 out this weekend and was totally reminded why we bought the HDT.   It's gonna be the cats pajamas next year.

Immediate concern however, is the row of empty bolt holes I found around the perimeter of the mid rise fairing on the truck tonight.  They appear to be mounting holes for a high rise fairing that would attach to the mid rise.  They have no bolts in them, so my question is - are these a water intrusion problem or blind holes?  If I need to seal them, are bolts, washers and some rtv silicone sufficient to prevent water getting in on top of the headliner?  If not, how to best seal them up and have a cosmetically acceptable result?

Thanks again for all advice and help, looking forward to seeing fellow HDTer's on the road.

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