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Does anyone know if this company did MDT conversions ?


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The truck I am chasing was sold to  Barloworld Truck Center INC out of Springdale, Arkansas . They did not do the conversion and they gave me a dealer's name they sold it to that just doesn't make sense.

They also do not do conversions.

The truck was initially purchased from Beaudry RV , Arizona.  It was purchased and imported to British Columbia.

I gather that Lazy days bought the remnants of Baudry. Next stop is to e-mail them..

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9 hours ago, GeorgiaHybrid said:

There are still several out there.

What other companies convert the Freightliners but not sell directly to the Public....and were they around at the turn of century ? I haven't had any luck finding them ..  I have found a one that sells direct that was around that time ..  2l custom trucks ..

This is what it originally looked like...



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That is why I started this quest. It was sold to me as a SC and I went to join the SC association.

I talked to SC and they don't think it is...but SC was owned by Freightliner for a period of time  so who knows.

I did contact Lazy Days and the dealership they "thought" they sold it to... I know they didn't but I thought I would try.  No responses yet.

The problem is that Barloworld Truck Center has no idea where it went when they sold it...

So I have no idea what company modded it..  and it is looking like no one else does...

In the long run it is irrelevant because all parts are available.. but I spent most of my working life as a trouble shooter and I am curious.. 

My money is on "Freightliner Specialty Vehicles, Inc. " but having trouble confirming / disproving that..

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