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  1. Fridge still draws 12v on propane plus all the other little things.....
  2. avvidclif


    When I got mine all I showed is my VA card that shows a service connected disability. Kinda hard to get that without having served.
  3. You are sure not putting much bait on the hook. A 4 person tent is kinda low rent.....GRIN
  4. Much easier to just turn off the gas and let it run until it dies.
  5. Most auto parts stores will test a battery free. Wally World will I know. On the AC voltage. Measure the voltage at the plug where the rv is plugged in, it should be 120v, then at an outlet in the rv, also 120v, then turn on the AC and it shouldn't drop more than 3-5v, min 115v. At 99v the ac will be damaged by low voltage. The PI Surge Protector turns off power to the rig when the voltage goes below 105v, which is considered a bare minimum to avoid damage.
  6. Might I inquire why it matters who did the conversion? If it looks good and works, who cares...
  7. Beer is also known as "Loudmouth". The difference between an alcoholic and a drunk? Drunks don't go to meetings.
  8. Friend bought a new Tahoe several years ago. Plunked down his credit card. The dealer looked twice and ran it. No problem. When the bill came the following month he paid it off. Why didn't he pay cash? Simple he used the airline miles he got on the credit card to fly to the Caribbean to visit a friend. Sneaky
  9. In the past week I received notification from 2 different chinese business's that show someone is wanting to register my business name with a different extension. I own the .com extension and have for years. Has anyone else received this? Sounds to me like they are fishing. How did you respond?
  10. I will amend my reply to indicate that I have to follow the rules regarding septic systems other than that, Nothing. Van Zandt County. Kaufman Co which borders Dallas Co does have a county law that you can't target practice on your property unless you have 10 AC min. That's thanks to a nutcase (certified) who likes to target practice all the time. He has 8AC.
  11. Yep, seen that. Coming around a cloverleaf with a loaded flatbed the trailer tires were in a different plane than the rears on the truck. Lifted one side of the truck and the tires off the ground. It stopped, I thought the driveshaft had broken. When I saw what happened I locked the rear axles and went on
  12. There again if you leave it anywhere (gun shop, pawnshop, etc) you will have to do a background check (and paperwork) to reclaim it. I like the idea of a small rental unit (3x5) with insurance to cover a loss. Would be a good way to thin out the traveling pile for a bit to make room for more "stuff". Of course when you get back to it now you have to deal with all the new stuff and old.
  13. I live in a County East of Dallas and can do whatever I want. If you live in a city, maybe different, but I don't. No zoning laws in the county. This isn't Kalifornia.
  14. avvidclif

    Lower furlings

    They messed up as when he first published the picture I saw it but it's gone now....
  15. A Texas license can either be a CDL or regular. The Class determines what you can drive. Mine in the past was a Class A CDL. Since I quit driving I dropped the CDL but kept the Class A license. That way I can drive anything I want, just not commercially. Mine also has the motorcycle endorsement so it's actually a Class AM. I haven't renewed since I dropped the CDL so don't know about that.
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