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Twin beds to a queen bed.


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So next week I am going to take a look at a Bounder 2002. From the pictures on the website it looks to be in pretty good shape. One of the things that concern me is that it has two twin beds rather than a queen size bed. I am handy with power tool, (still have all my fingers) and I know which end of a screwdriver to use.


How hard would it be to rip out the twin beds and build a frame an to support a queen size mattress? I am assuming the twin beds are anchored to the floor using screws but know nothing on how things are built on a motorhome.

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I did the opposite, island RV queen to full size twins. Had to re-position the water storage tanks and 12V Power Center (converter, fuse panel, generator switch). Mine had pocket screw frames; bought a Kreg pocket screw kit and built new frames. Used the same construction techniques I found by disassembling the old frame in installing the new frames. Wasn't that hard.



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It will depend upon the configuration of the particular floor-plan. In most RVs the floor covering is put in before the interior so it should be under both beds. If you are reasonably adept at carpentry, I doubt that it would be a very major problem as long as it doesn't create an access problem in making up the bed or getting in and out.

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Good luck and comfortable sleeping in the future. Sounds like a worthwhile project. A side problem is the queen mattress,how to get it into the bedroom???

I don't think you'll need one, but just in case- here's the webpage for a left-handed metric screwdriver. :rolleyes:


Welcome to the Escapees discussion forums! :)

Hey Ray,


Before I start ripping anything out I will be making sure I can get my new mattress into the bedroom.


Thanks for the link. I am left-handed and all these years I have been using standard right-handed screw drivers, but I do have a left-handed monkey wrench. :)

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