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2017 Road Warrior 427 - finally ready to buy

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Hi all. Been a while since I posted be we are now ready to make our purchase and glad we waited. We had been interested in the 420 model but the 427 kitchen layout is much better. I love to cook and the counter space is great. I also like the walk around the kitchen to get to the bedroom so the front door isn't right at the bedroom. The sunken tub is awesome. When parked we will use the garage as office space. If we can't have the side patio up there are windows in the kitchen and door to allow light. Buying new cause we love the floor plan and that it will be our dirt ;-).

With all that said.... the deal we found is at Camping World in Oakwood, GA. $75,200 for a well equipped unit. I have seen the negative press about CW. We plan to full time once the house is sold, which should be later this year and are headed to PNW with lots of sites along the way. Has anyone had a positive experience with CW?


All feedback is welcome, whether about CW, Heartland, the 427 model or just plain good to know stuff.


Thanks in advance!

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I'm not quite sure how to respond or just what it is that you are asking. In looking at RV-Trader it would appear that the price you are quoting is not out of range of those advertised for that make/model, but very few RVs are sold at the advertised price since nearly all sellers do back off some in negotiations. Since we don't know just how yours is configured, it isn't possible for us to say if the price is good or bad. The negative comments about CW come mostly from the service department experiences and less so for the sales experiences and prices. I will say that if you have only priced this unit at one dealership, no matter who you are dealing with you need to compare prices for that unit at more than one. I have bought several new RVs over the years and in every case I have found a range of prices for the RV that I am shopping for that typically has the lowest price to be at least 30% below the highest one found. There are many reasons for this differential and it has always been true and likely always will be so.


Perhaps you could post something more specific about what it is that you would like us to address?

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+1 on Kirk's statement about CW service likely being the source of most complaints. I will NEVER use them again.


I also will NEVER own another HL. I had a 2014 Cyclone 4000. Owned it for just over a year. Biggest POS EVER!! My Lifestyle is now an orphan, and I am paying about $5K out of pocket to fix a leak the second time, but it is STILL head and shoulders better than the Cyclone.


Others will have the opposite experience with HL.

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Hey Kirk,

I should have been more specific. I am looking for positive or negative feedback regarding experiences had by members at Camping World, or owners of Heartland toyhaulers, and owners of the road warrior models.

Would Heartland or Road warrior owners purchase that product line again?



Thank you for the feedback regarding your cyclone. We are researching recalls as well.


We appreciate the responses and will try to be more specific on the future posts. ;-)

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A good friend bought a new fifth wheel from CW late last fall in Alabama and have a roof water leak.

They are VERY upset with CW service, had it in twice for repairs on water leak went back again and the gasket was not there as promised. CW said they would be here at campground yesterday to replace and

no showed. NOT pleased with CW service. CW service even made them contact Keystone before making CW

perform warranty on water leak. Greg

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Beautiful rig! Love the kitchen and the 1 and 1/2 baths. I'm glad you said the garage would become office because I couldn't live without that. :) It's not clear if the upgraded fridge is a residential model--I'd look into that. Then I'd install lots of solar and head for the desert.


Linda Sand

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