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2006 Fleetwood Wilderness Yukon 280BH ideas?


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I am so green on this topic. I have always loved camping and hiking and have no problems downsizing to RV living. I live in a small apartment in California and I have been researching full time RV. I have a job that will keep me in one spot for a long time. I am looking at purchasing 2006 Fleetwood Wilderness Yukon 280BH do any of you have any thoughts on quality of Fleeteood? It seems to be in wonderful shape. Also any suggestions on long term rv parking would be appreciated. Thank you so much

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We owned a Fleetwood Prowler Regal AX6 from 2003 to 2013 and if it hadn't been for Tropical Storm Debbie we probably would still have it. The unit served us well and Fleetwood did a great job supporting the dealer with any issues. When we looked at a new Fleetwood we couldn't find a floorplan that would work for us and the dealer made a good offer on our current one so we made the switch. Just make sure your dealer's maintenance/repair shop performs quality work.

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The Fleetwood Corporation filed for bankruptcy on March 10, 2009 and as a result all assets were sold to pay off debts. The motorhome division and manufacturing facilities were all sold as well as the rights to the name Fleetwood and all of their brand names and designs. The new owners discontinued building all of the travel trailers in their line, and some of the motorized units. Prior to that event, Fleetwood was the largest manufacturer of RVs in the market, having bought out numerous other companies during their good days. So there is no manufacturer to support any of the former company's products today but that isn't a major issue anyway since all of the former company's products are now 8 years old or more and long out of any sort of warranty.


You do need to be very careful about RVs on Craig's list since it is impossible for them to prevent any crooks from advertising, although they do try. I suggest that you contact Craig's list and let them know of your experience to aid them in their efforts to stop that sort of activities.

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