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Who is responsible

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So here is the scenario hypothetically speaking . So you come up on a accident lets call it a finder bender. two cars collided because a truck has spun out and blocking the road and the driver was installing his chains .Who is responsible I would think it would be the driver for not knowing his trucks capability's and was not prepared for the road conditions. Or could be the two car drivers for not expecting the unexpected around the corner and blindly driving a snow covered pass thinking it was still summer.. Should be fun to her some feed back on this. If it is the driver don't be this guy don't wait till it is to late chain up.


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This is a good question. The truck driver could be ticketed for blocking the road, but, the drivers of the cars, at the end of the day, would be responsible for their accident since the truck was already blocking the road prior to their arrival. It might be different if the truck had spun out right in front of them, but since the truck driver was out putting on chains (and hopefully had triangles out as well), the truck is an avoidable obstacle which the cars are responsible for avoiding.


I would still not want to be the truck driver, seeing cars coming at me because I forgot to chain up.

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We came upon a semi jackknifed accross the road while descending Vail pass. It was very slick and a number of cars had hit the semi. We were moving and my DW was driving a PU and she was ahead. I was driving a small MH pulling a 4 horse trailer. I touched the brakes and immediately began sliding. My DW noticed there was room between the semi tractor and the guard rail. She went through and I followed. I didn't stick around to see the final mess but people were everywhere looking at the wreck. It would have been almost impossible to miss them. I still think I could have killed someone and been responsible. The room between the semi and guard rail was just big enough with inches on each side. My DW probably saved someone that day. We were going slow maybe 20 mph but it was to fast as neither of us could have stopped.

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